Denmark land-based entities to require player registration

  • Tuesday 21 March, 2023
Denmark land-based entities to require player registration

The Danish Ministry of Taxation (Skatteministeriet) has launched an up-to-date order concerning land-based bettings. The order has a strict requirement for the users to be registered with the operator company when making a bet.

This renewed order will be valid starting from October of this year. It is focused on the land-based and distributive gambling, in order to bring them into the equal line with KYC and no money laundering, which is a common process in the gaming industry. 

It is written in the order that the incomplete opening and update of the gambling industry on January 1, 2012, along with ongoing observations of the industry since then, highlight the necessity for fresh strategies in dealing with gambling addiction, enhancing consumer safety, and combating criminal activity.

The readers may also find that player registration is obligatory, and the anonymity of the user is being deleted. The bills say that this helps to reach Denmark’s purposes when it is to user security. Note that Denmark started its struggle with money-laundering since mid-2022.

According to new rules, those players who are considered underage, or those who have chosen the “self-exclusion from betting activities” must face difficulty to play. The others will have a loss limit, which is set in terms of their defense. 

By eliminating anonymity and keeping track of bought bets under a user’s name, providers can effectively prevent money laundering.

Accountable gaming arrangements

The new command contains several partitions that detail the obligations of land-based operators. These companies are obliged to “get acquainted” with a player’s behavior and intervene to prevent gambling from becoming problematic for them.

Moreover, the licensee will be obliged to have written the rules and regulations on accountable gambling, with the intent in mind to avoid the addiction and any other problems.

As per the regulations, these requirements will involve engaging with and managing players who exhibit symptoms of problems, have a responsibility to observe and document relevant data, maintain records of player behavior, and conduct risk evaluation for consumers.

The companies should also plan specific steps to make sure that no ad or marketing material has been set off to a self-excluded user.