DGOJ starts to create Central Data Registry

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DGOJ starts to create Central Data Registry

The Spanish gambling regulator, DGOJ, has begun developing data administration policies and practices to create a centralized registry of gambling data.

This registry will compile customer information from all Spanish-licensed gambling operators to provide a comprehensive overview of gambling activity.

DGOJ Director General Mikel Arana has sought input from the Sectoral Commission, the General Assembly’s advisory body on policy and directives. Initial discussions are focused on improving data integration across public administrations and incorporating the data into a detailed report on gaming activity.

DGOJ Director General Mikel Arana stated:

The establishment of a centralized data registry will enhance the transparency and accountability of gambling operations in Spain. It will provide a robust framework for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the highest standards of responsible gaming.

Over a year ago, the General Assembly mandated the creation of a central registry through the Decree on Responsible Gambling Environments. This registry will enable the DGOJ to monitor gambling licensees’ activities and customer engagement. Operators will be required to establish risk profiles for customers under 25.

The next phase involves consultations with stakeholders, including operators. The DGOJ aims to finalize an implementation plan by the end of the year, with the registry set to come into effect in early 2025. Additional know-your-customer measures from the decree will be introduced throughout 2025.