DraftKings to release a new campaign on safer gaming

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DraftKings to release a new campaign on safer gaming

DraftKings is releasing a new campaign about safer gambling which is going to feature two very famous sportsmen – Tony Hawk an American professional skateboarder and The Miz, an American professional wrestler.

The campaign is going to be produced by VaynerMediam which will be showcased this month during AGA’s Responsible Gaming Education Month.

The gaming campaign will have 2 advertisements and one of those two celebrities are going to be featured in each. The purpose is to put focus on the significance of safer and reasonable gaming.

Moreover, the ad will be broadcasted on TV and radio in all around United States and also be posted on different social media platforms of the brand.

Additionally, during this month DraftKings is going to provide its players with free-to-play pool, which will give them the opportunity to put their knowledge about safer gambling to test and have their results checked.

Promoting safer gambling ads is an enormous opportunity for us to stay in touch with our customer base in both fun and educating ways. The Miz and Tony Hawk are perfect for being featured on ads as they have number of fans and unique personalities that are going to show why using reasonable gaming tools are essential.

commented Stephanie Sherman, the brand’s CMO.