Dragon Gaming to start a new partnership with Flows

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Dragon Gaming to start a new partnership with Flows

Dragon Gaming, a prominent leader in the realm of slots provision, has seamlessly integrated Flows, the top-tier no-code automation platform.

This integration marks a pivotal moment, streamlining their operational processes and igniting a surge in both innovation and efficiency.

Flows stands as a stalwart ally to businesses, expediting development timelines and simplifying integrations via its unified interface and robust workflow automation tools.

With the adoption of Flows, Dragon Gaming now propels its development endeavors and simplifies integrations through an intuitive interface and cutting-edge workflow automation mechanisms. This strategic maneuver empowers Dragon Gaming to swiftly construct new engagement avenues, enriching the gaming landscape for its users while harnessing the unparalleled adaptability and user-centric design of Flows.

Notably, Flows distinguishes itself as the epitome of technology-agnostic software, seamlessly melding with any existing technological framework. This ensures that entities like Dragon Gaming can innovate unhindered by the constraints often associated with traditional software development. The introduction of “Flo,” Flows’ revolutionary voice-activated AI software development tool, represents a landmark leap in digital product innovation. It emboldens clients and partners to swiftly manifest their visionary concepts, unshackled from the conventions of conventional development paradigms.

Ivars Dorofejevs, the Business Development Manager at Dragon Gaming, remarked:

Dragon Gaming is poised to redefine conventional gamification practices, enhancing player longevity and offering a diverse portfolio of games including video slots, table games, and skill-based contests. Our collaboration with Flows fills us with excitement as their solutions offer unprecedented versatility. This partnership empowers us to tailor and expand our offerings to partners, ensuring relevance and establishing new benchmarks within the industry.

Domenico Mazzola, the Director of Sales at Flows, expressed:

We are thrilled to witness Dragon Gaming harnessing the transformative potential of Flows to foster innovation and craft novel engagement tools. Their selection of our no-code platform underscores its immense value and its capacity to propel forward-thinking slots providers into the future. At Flows, we are deeply committed to enabling clients like Dragon Gaming to unleash their creativity effortlessly. By enriching their gaming offerings with our platform, Dragon Gaming not only enhances player engagement but also sets a new standard for innovation in the gaming sphere. This partnership heralds an exhilarating era where technology and creativity converge to elevate the gaming experience.