DSWV takes actions to stop black market in Germany

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DSWV takes actions to stop black market in Germany

DSWV called on the authorities and regulators to take serious measures in order to stop illegal gambling operators and spread of problem gambling in Germany.

The statement by DSWV was announced on Gambling Addiction Action Day, which is a special day organized by BZgA. The day is for promoting the significance of stopping addiction.

The Trade Association stated that all its members are licensed and can support the protection of the players from gambling harm. But, those who work in the country without a permit are not bound by licensing requirements and, as such, do not offer these measures.

The DSWV says that by targeting black market and unlicensed operators it is going to help reduce gambling harm among the clients from Germany.

In recent years, the black market for gambling and sports betting has grown to enormous proportions. We managed to recognize over 400 unlicensed sites where clients from Germany would be able to register and play. 

explained the president of DSWV, Mathias Dahms.

The repeated call comes after the creation of Glücksspielbehörde in the country, which was established under the Fourth German State Gambling Treaty. The DSWV spoke out to support GGL, but told that the body is going to see serious challenges about fighting black market activity.