Elvis Merzļikins to become Brand Ambassador of OlyBet

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Elvis Merzļikins to become Brand Ambassador of OlyBet

Elvis Merzļikins, the celebrated Latvian ice hockey luminary, has assumed the prestigious role of brand ambassador for the sports entertainment company, OlyBet.

This momentous partnership promises Latvian ice hockey aficionados unparalleled experiences within the realm of their beloved sport.

Much like his legendary namesake, the incomparable American crooner Elvis Presley, Merzļikins has captivated audiences with his extraordinary talents. His inaugural NHL shutout in Las Vegas was marked by fervent fans chanting his name—a testament to his prowess both on and off the ice. Named in homage to Elvis Presley, a musical icon adored by his father, Merzļikins, at 30 years old, has garnered global admiration for his unique flair and persona.

Corey Plummer, CEO of OlyBet Group, expressed:

We are thrilled to join forces with Elvis to captivate Latvian ice hockey devotees. OlyBet has long championed ice hockey in Latvia, facilitating landmark events such as the NHL Stanley Cup’s inaugural visit and supporting the National Team’s journey to bronze in the recent IIHF World Championships. This alliance with Elvis will elevate the ice hockey experience, bringing fans closer to the pinnacle of global competitions and the unparalleled sports excitement synonymous with OlyBet.

Elvis Merzļikins stated:

I am honored to embark on this collaborative venture with OlyBet as their brand ambassador. This partnership offers an incredible platform for me to engage with hockey enthusiasts across Latvia. Through interaction at OlyBet events and embodying the ethos of the brand, I aspire to enrich the fan experience. Sports possess a remarkable capacity to unite and cultivate a sense of community. With OlyBet by my side, I am confident that we will craft unforgettable and dynamic moments for every sports enthusiast in Latvia.