Endorphina to launch new title – The Lord of the Seas

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Endorphina to launch new title – The Lord of the Seas

Endorphina welcomes its users to ‘The Lord of the Seas,’ a freshly launched slot that will bring players into the world of pirates.

In this high-tide adventure game, players can set sail and navigate perilous storms and waves while feeling the actual rush of the wind in their hair and tasting the salty sea.

‘The Lord of the Seas’ presents a 5-reel 3-row slot with 20 fixed paylines, where players can encounter free respin tools with additional wild symbols that can be earned on the reels.

In the adventurous world of pirates, targeting cargo ships is a regular part of their daring exploits. To grow their chances of a lucrative haul, players must amass a stockpile of cannonballs near the cannon before the fuse runs out. These coveted cannonballs can only be found on reel 5, with a limit of one per spin. A player can gather a maximum of 9 cannonballs, and these collections from various bets are tallied along, unable to be combined.

A similar idea applies to the burning wick’s length. The new wick length and the quantity of accumulated cannonballs will be shown for the revised bet if a player modifies their total bet. Once the “respins” feature is triggered, the cunning pirates can unleash their collected cannonballs on the unsuspecting cargo ship, targeting 2, 3, 4 reels. Each cannonball will magically transform into a wild symbol, adding to the excitement and potential rewards.

Adding to the thrill, players can partake in the Classic Risk Game, offering an opportunity to double their earnings up to an impressive 10 times. The high-stakes and daring nature of this title truly embody the life of a pirate on the hunt for treasure.


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