Entain Australia to partner with NSW Hotel Association

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Entain Australia to partner with NSW Hotel Association

The NSW Australian Hotel Association has partnered with Entain’s Australian division.

The iGaming operator group Entain has recently signed an agreement with the Australian Hotel Association revolving around the role of online and digital betting platforms in retail establishments. It will enable the operator to advertise its online brands across retail shops, pubs and hotels across the state of New South Wales.

Due to a government-brokered deal that is going to last for another decade, the operator cannot establish physical betting operations in the state, as Tabcorp holds the exclusive rights for that. The deal will involve only interior advertising of Entain’s online brands which does not violate the terms of Tab’s license.

For about a decade all casinos, pubs and hotels in the country were forced to run Tabcorp’s wagering solutions at reduced rates. Sometimes, especially outside the major cities and towns of the state of New South Wales, pubs had no choice but to run PubTABs at a loss. This partnership will finally bring competition back to the state, allowing players to choose the way they want to bet.

stated the chief executive officer of AHA of NSW, John Whelan.

Patrons are constantly exposed to advertising about other wagering operators in our establishments, and an increasing amount of people are choosing to place their bets on the internet on their own devices, not in the traditional retail wagering fashion.

they continued.

Retail betting is quite important for the industry, as the state of New South Wales generates more than half of PubTAB’s revenue in the country. We will continue to honor Tabcorp’s exclusivity deal, as it will not expire for another ten years.

commented Whelan on Tab’s exclusivity deal.

We are delighted to have come to an agreement with the Hotel Association to advertise our brands in retail businesses. There is still quite a bit of value to traditional retail wagering, though the way people bet with their friends in social spaces is constantly evolving, with more people choosing to use their own devices with their existing accounts.

remarked the chief executive officer of the Australian division of Entain, Dean Shannon.

This partnership is a great step towards a healthier market with more competition. The advertisements of our brands will not interfere with the traditional cash-based betting operations running in various establishments or with Tabcorp’s exclusivity deal in any way. We are glad to have the opportunity to connect with players and promote our brands to the audiences of those businesses.

they resumed.