Entain empowers STS to secure UEFA advertising rights

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Entain empowers STS to secure UEFA advertising rights

The Polish sports wagering brand STS, under the ownership of Entain, has successfully obtained ad rights from the UEFA.

These rights grant them the privilege of engaging in marketing activities related to the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League specifically in Poland.

This development marks an extension of Entain’s presence in the sports sector, as the company is already collaborating with these two leagues. With the acquisition of STS, the Polish brand is currently empowered to execute UEFA-focused marketing campaigns.

With these freshly obtained rights, STS, which is now active in Poland, will be able to communicate with football fans all over Europe. The operator’s logo will be prominently shown during games featuring Polish teams, acting as a platform for marketing their sports betting services.

Paweł Rabantek, STS’ CMO commented:

The freshest acquisition by Entain has many advantages for our team, offering the chance to broaden STS’ marketing endeavors and solidify its standing within Poland’s gambling sector. I am extremely enthusiastic about the prospect of deploying a comprehensive array of ad services throughout the entirety of the UEFA games, starting from the very first competition. Enthusiasts can anticipate an array of thrilling promotions on the horizon.

Simultaneously, STS has pledged to introduce a range of localized campaigns tailored to sports enthusiasts within the nation. Fortunate fans may even have the chance to secure tickets to some of the most highly-anticipated EU football matches.

The biggest privately owned business in the country, STS exemplifies a strong commitment to advancing the sports industry. The company enthusiastically acts as the main sponsor of Poland’s national football team and has established relationships with different sports teams.