Entain launches its first Data Academy to upskill employees

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Entain launches its first Data Academy to upskill employees

Entain, the prominent global sports betting and gaming group, has introduced its inaugural Data Academy training initiative in the United Kingdom.

This program presents an excellent opportunity for its workforce to enhance their skills, acquire proficiency in leveraging data for driving business success, and contribute to the growth of STEM roles within the organization.

Participants in the program, armed with access to cutting-edge training resources, can anticipate a significant boost in productivity, the implementation of more efficient work processes, and the advancement of their careers to unprecedented levels.

Satty Bhens, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Entain, said:

Understanding data and mastering its application is an exceptionally potent asset, and it is crucial for every individual within our organization to feel empowered to make optimal data-driven decisions. This initiative aims to provide our colleagues with excellent opportunities for training, fostering career growth within our company, and contributing to the establishment of a foundation for future business success. We eagerly anticipate witnessing our participating colleagues evolve into data champions through this program and aspire to witness the continuous expansion and enhancement of the Data Academy in the years ahead.

Commencing with an initial cohort of 20 colleagues in the UK, the Data Academy accommodates individuals at various proficiency levels. It caters to both data novices seeking to acquire new skills and integrate data into their work methodologies, as well as seasoned data professionals aiming to refine their expertise through top-notch training opportunities.

The courses span a duration of 13 to 14 months, offering dedicated weekly learning sessions encompassing industry-leading content, personalized coaching, and engaging events. Successful completion of the program awards employees with either a Level 3 Data Technician or Level 4 Data Analyst qualification.