ESA Gaming started new partnership with First Look Games

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ESA Gaming started new partnership with First Look Games

First Look Games, renowned for its excellence in marketing solutions tailored for game studios, has proudly extended a warm welcome to ESA Gaming, a distinguished boutique independent content developer, to its esteemed lineup of partners.

As ESA Gaming charts its course for a year filled with groundbreaking slot releases in 2024, it now gains privileged access to a meticulously crafted library, fully branded to its identity. Within this repository, ESA Gaming can seamlessly upload vital information and assets for each of its games, encompassing game sheets, logos, images, and videos.

This wealth of resources becomes readily available for download by First Look Games’ network of accredited affiliate partners, empowering them to craft compelling previews and reviews for each title. Notably, the platform’s sophistication extends to enabling providers to furnish demo links for their games, with player verification streamlined through 1account.

This innovative feature ensures that affiliates operating in tightly regulated markets can offer players the opportunity to sample demo spins before committing to real-money gameplay at online casinos.

Elliot Resnick, Managing Director at First Look Games, said:

ESA Gaming stands out as a dynamic studio producing exceptional content. Through our collaboration with First Look Games, the studio gains access to top-tier affiliates, facilitating connections with players eager for cutting-edge gaming experiences. The platform’s cost-effectiveness further enhances the appeal, making it a compelling choice for providers like ESA Gaming seeking to elevate their game promotion strategies.

Thomas Smallwood, Head of Marketing at ESA Gaming, added:

As an independent studio, we cherish the creative freedom to craft truly distinctive games. However, amidst fierce competition from industry giants, garnering attention for our titles presents a significant challenge. This partnership holds great significance for us, offering an opportunity to harness the full capabilities of the First Look Games platform as we elevate our game promotion and marketing strategies to the next level.

ESA Gaming retains complete autonomy over its library and the assets shared with affiliates, including the timing of asset availability. Moreover, it has the prerogative to extend a coveted “first look” opportunity to select affiliates, granting them exclusive access up to two weeks prior to a game’s official launch, thereby stoking anticipation and enthusiasm among players.

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