eSports B2B provider joins IBIA

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eSports B2B provider joins IBIA, a top B2B provider of eSports odds feeds and risk management, has become a member of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). The company offers partners a comprehensive eSports betting ecosystem, covering everything from odds feeds to live betting content., licensed in New Jersey, Colorado, and Ontario, is pursuing additional licenses in the U.S. By joining the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), solidifies its commitment to eSports betting integrity. This move enhances their capability to safeguard eSports betting products, especially in key markets like the U.S. The IBIA, a not-for-profit entity, operates independently to protect regulated sports and eSports betting from match-fixing.

The Chief Executive Officer for the IBIA, Khalid Ali, said:

IBIA is thrilled to have as a member. is a leading global player in the eSports betting environment and the company’s decision to join the IBIA reflects its desire to utilise the best integrity protection available globally for its eSports betting products. Through our world leading betting integrity network, we will work in close collaboration to protect the eSports betting products and services offered by to its sportsbook partners.

The Chief Executive Officer for, Vlastimil Venclik, said:

Joining the IBIA is a significant milestone for, it not only validates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in eSports betting but also aligns us with a globally recognized leader in betting integrity. As we expand our operations in key markets like the United States, being part of the IBIA’s robust monitoring network will enhance our capabilities in safeguarding the integrity of our eSports betting products. This collaboration underscores our dedication to providing a safe and fair betting environment for our partners and their customers.

The IBIA, a non-profit organization operated by and for operators, is dedicated to safeguarding regulated sports and eSports betting from match-fixing. Its global monitoring network effectively detects and reports suspicious activities in regulated betting markets, serving as a crucial anti-corruption tool.

The IBIA’s monitoring network enables the tracking of transactional activities linked to individual customer accounts. The Q3 2023 integrity report disclosed 50 alerts, with the Q4 and annual reports for 2023 expected soon. In 2022, the association reported 268 alerts, leading to successful sanctions against 15 teams, officials, or players involved in suspicious activities.

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