Everi keeps growth momentum with acquisitions

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Everi keeps growth momentum with acquisitions

Everi is confident that acquisitions will propel them even further next quarter.

The gambling equipment and services provider Everi predicts a continued period of expansion after hitting record numbers in the second quarter of the year. They have highlighted a year-on-year revenue increase of over fourteen percent, going from a hundred seventy-two million dollars last year to just under two hundred million this year.

In more detail, a bit over half of that two hundred million figure came from sales of game machines, which hit almost two thousand units sold, nearly a forty percent increase from last year. The financial technology side of the business contributed to next to eighty-five million dollars, a growth of over fifteen percent. Revenue from recent purchases totaled just about one and a half million dollars. Despite all of that, net income dropped ten percent from thirty-six million last year to thirty-two and a half this year, explained by the company’s recent acquisitions.

Everi has had a great first half of the year, with more positive periods to come for the corporation, as it plans out acquisitions to boost its valuation and long-term earnings.