Evoplay prepares for the World Cup with Football Scratch

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Evoplay prepares for the World Cup with Football Scratch

The iGaming developer Evoplay has released its latest title in preparation for the upcoming World Cup, which is going to combine the excitement of lottery and football for a unique experience.

Launching at the perfect time for the upcoming World Cup, the new product is an instant game with a retro theme. It is going to involve a pretty simple yet entertaining format with sizable bonuses and wins.

The players will be required to scratch off virtual tickets, going one at a time and comparing their number with the winning combination that will appear on screen. They will get the option of playing with either 10 or 20 cells, though there are going to be only five winning numbers. Additionally, the user will be able to bet differing amounts on individual cells, giving them even more control of the experience.

If the player manages to land at least one matching number, they will be awarded with a bonus of a varying size. Furthermore, the user can wager on the number 777, which will award them a massive 777 times multiplier if they win.

We are excited to announce our latest title that combines the best aspects of football and lottery. It is releasing at a perfect time, as one of the largest sports events, the World Cup, is right around the corner.

stated the chief executive officer of Evoplay, Ivan Kravchuk.

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