FIA and IESF unveil deal against online abuse in sport

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FIA and IESF unveil deal against online abuse in sport

The Fédération Internationale de LAutomobile (FIA) is delighted to unveil its alliance with the International Esports Federation (IESF) in the ongoing effort to combat online abuse in the realm of sports.

In an era where the digital landscape is pervasive, the IESF stands at the forefront, bridging the realms of tech and competitive sports. Starting from its inception, the IESF has grown to encompass representation from over 140 locations, advocating for Esports as a legitimate sport that transcends language, ethics, and cultural divides. This dedication is exemplified through 8 world Esports summits and numerous world championship events.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the President of the FIA, expressed gratitude for the invaluable support extended by the IESF in our collective efforts to combat online abuse within the realm of sports. In the esports and online domains, the IESF presents itself as a crucial ally, representing inclusivity and connectedness. Through collaborative endeavors and a steadfast dedication to actionable measures, we persist in our devotion to establishing a more secure online space for everyone.

In announcing their latest collaboration, Boban Totovski, General Secretary of IESF, emphasized the ongoing devotion and the need for dedicated partners in the constant evolution of the esports ecosystem. He took this moment to unveil the new companionship with FIA, which is aligned with IESF’s goals, eager to actively involve and contribute to the extensive efforts involved in making a powerful esports platform.

The deal highlights a common dedication to reinforcing a secure and welcoming space for all athletes. Using their combined knowledge and assets, both associations have contributed to:

Encourage the progress of scientific research and assist with efforts aimed at sharing information.
Create efficient structures for handling online abuse and provide stakeholders with explicit guidance.
Create and execute instructional initiatives targeted at rivals, officials, entourages, and supporters with the goal of boosting the highest standards and increasing public awareness of internet abuse.