Flows have signed deal with premium supplier Lion Gaming

  • Tuesday 26 September, 2023
Flows have signed deal with premium supplier Lion Gaming

Flows has entered into an agreement with Lion Gaming, a prominent white-label casino platform provider.

This collaboration will empower Lion Gaming and its clientele to fully leverage Flows’ cutting-edge no-code automation platform.

The integration of Flows into Lion Gaming’s platform will facilitate the swift and advanced deployment of new tools and applications, all achieved without the need for coding expertise. By centralizing various data sources and triggers from multiple systems into one unified platform, this partnership aims to expedite the introduction of market-ready features and integration possibilities while concurrently decreasing development timelines and operational expenses.

Duncan McIntyre, CEO of Lion Gaming mentioned:

Lion Gaming is excited to work with Flows as a firm committed to developing cutting-edge iGaming solutions. We will be able to hasten the creation of products and simplify integration processes thanks to their revolutionary technologies.  These two advantages enable us to bring cutting-edge features to our consumers with unheard-of speed while also honoring our dedication to doing so.

James King, CEO of Flows stated:

Our team is overjoyed to welcome Lion Gaming as our client. I have closely followed Duncan’s remarkable journey with Lion Gaming, and I take great pride in Flows being a part of their venture, providing support and enhancement. Lion Gaming is an innovative supplier that truly appreciates the value and advantages that Flows can offer. We eagerly anticipate witnessing how Lion Gaming fully embraces and harnesses the transformative technology that Flows brings to the table.

Flows was meticulously created to be the most universally adaptable software available, capable of seamlessly integrating with any existing technology in a business’s arsenal, thereby liberating innovation without constraints. Being a plug-in no-code platform, Flows empowers businesses to expedite development and streamline integrations via a unified interface and workflow automation tool. Its versatility extends to working harmoniously with affiliate networks, casinos, and providers across various sectors.

With its single interface and workflow automation feature, Flows is significant for businesses in accelerating growth and streamlining integrations. Lion Gaming and its clientele can quickly link various data sources, such as CRM systems, payment gateways, and affiliate networks, via a single interface by utilizing Flows’ no-code approach. They may view their activities holistically thanks to this capacity.

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