Flutter purchases Sisal for almost $2bn

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Flutter purchases Sisal for almost $2bn

FlutterFlutter has recently acquired SisalSisal for almost two billion dollars.

The global bookmaking and entertainment company Flutter has announced that it has recently completed the acquisition of the Italian operator Sisal. The deal was announced at the end of the previous year, and was set to take place at the end of the second quarter of the year. Despite being a little bit late, the transaction was a success, and the Italian company changed ownership with a pricetag of about two billion dollars.

Flutter has planned to finance the deal with Barclays Bank, as the huge sum was requested in full by the seller. Accordingly, the Irish company got a boost in its anticipated weighted average cost of capital, which is now close to 3.5%.

This acquisition has a potential to be a significant milestone for the entertainment company, as it will most likely end up securing about twenty percent of the Italian igaming market for the company.