France’s ANJ creates responsible gambling ad for RWC

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France’s ANJ creates responsible gambling ad for RWC

France’s National Gaming Authority (ANJ), a regulatory organization responsible for the wagering and gambling activities in the region, has announced a brand-new ethical gambling initiative just in time for the start of this year’s Rugby World Cup.

This newly-announced programme will use Snapchat and virtual public billboards to spread information about ethical gambling habits.

The ad, titled “Rugby has its codes, so does betting,” is designed to motivate both novice and experienced gamblers to establish clear boundaries when participating in sports wagering activities. The ANJ’s ultimate goal is to advocate for responsible gaming practices that make sure wagering is an enjoyable and recreational pastime.

Participants in the advertisement are encouraged to set specific financial budgets, time limits, and stake restrictions, all of which they should adhere too diligently. The push for wise gambling also emphasizes the value of not exaggerating one’s level of competence and informs people that luck plays a huge part in sports results.

The creative imagery for this ad was developed by the Rosbeef agency, building on their previous collaboration with the ANJ during the 2022 Football World Cup. In summary, “Rugby has its codes, so does betting” conveys a straightforward concept: refrain from involving in sports wagering if you are not well-versed in the rules.