French regulator launches campaign to address gambling addiction

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French regulator launches campaign to address gambling addiction

As the Euro 2024 football tournament approaches, France’s National Gaming Authority (ANJ) has launched a new campaign, designed by Rosbeef! agency, to combat sports betting addiction.

The ANJ’s 2024-2026 plan aims to significantly reduce the number of excessive gamblers within three years.

Recent studies show that 55% of French people plan to follow Euro 2024, with 35% intending to bet on the matches. Football accounts for the majority of sports bets in France, with 52% of stakes in 2023, and 64% of bettors are aged 18-34. The previous Euro 2020 and the 2022 World Cup generated EUR 700 million and EUR 900 million in bets, respectively. The ANJ predicts stakes for Euro 2024 could reach EUR 1 billion.

Recognizing the high risk of addiction, identified by 82% of French people, the ANJ’s campaign emphasizes the dangers of sports betting. The campaign features prominent legal notices and real stories of addiction to make these warnings more impactful. The slogan reads: “2 lines at the bottom of an ad will never be enough to tell the story of the spiral of addiction to sports betting.”

The campaign directs people to the Evalujeu site for advice and information on support systems. ANJ President Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin stated that gambling operators have become more responsible since Euro 2021 and emphasized the need for continued vigilance and impactful public awareness campaigns.