Future Anthem celebrates landmark achievement

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Future Anthem celebrates landmark achievement

Future Anthem, the trailblazing AI and data science juggernaut, has attained a significant milestone by scrutinizing over one billion gaming sessions since its inception in 2019.

Anthem’s pioneering artificial intelligence and machine learning platform accomplished this remarkable feat by delving into a vast reservoir of data, encompassing more than 100 million hours of gaming sessions, inclusive of over 89 billion actual-money casino spins.

This accomplishment further solidifies the company’s preeminent stance as frontrunners in AI and data science within the gaming sector. As Future Anthem persists in advancing their in-house machine learning models for their comprehensive offering, Amplifier AI, they are actively enhancing real-time personalization throughout the player journey.

During its inception, Future Anthem emerged as the pioneer and exclusive player within the iGaming realm, directing its endeavors exclusively toward real-time personalization through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This trailblazing approach laid the foundation for a personalized data-centric strategy spanning player acquisition, retention, and longevity.

Future Anthem Chief Data Officer Chris Conroy, said:

Future Anthem maintains its trajectory of expansion, evolution, and ascending accomplishments through our AI solutions, bolstered by our immensely skilled cadre of data scientists, engineers, developers, and product managers. Stakeholders from operator and supplier domains unmistakably recognize the significance of assimilating cutting-edge technologies into their product array, and foremost among these advancements stands real-time personalization. The achievement of surpassing one billion game sessions stands as a testament to the collective dedication of our entire workforce.

Empowered by the capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Future Anthem has constructed the inaugural data science platform tailored for the gambling sector. With an expansive track record, the company has meticulously processed over 200 billion player transactions and amassed metadata from a diverse catalog of over 20,000 casino games.

Future Anthem’s AI prowess consistently yields impressive outcomes in the realm of real-time personalization, catering to eminent entities in the industry such as Betsson, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, and Eyecon.