Future Anthem doubles workforce since series A raise

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Future Anthem doubles workforce since series A raise

Future Anthem, the trailblazing force in AI and data science, takes immense pride in unveiling a substantial augmentation of its workforce, a number that has more than folded since the company’s successful Series A funding in July 2022.

In a remarkable leap, the team has burgeoned from a mere 21 members a little over a year ago to a vibrant cohort of 43, propelling Future Anthem into an era of further expansion.

With data science virtuosos now constituting well over two-thirds of the Anthem collective, the company’s paramount proficiency lies in its technical talent. Their specialized expertise and acumen play a pivotal role in empowering Future Anthem to furnish personalized user practices in real-time, thereby engendering a heightened sense of immersion and captivation within the gaming, sports wagering, and lottery domains.

Furthermore, a cohort of fresh talents has been welcomed into the fold, hailing from premier betting and gaming operators as well as suppliers such as William Hill, Churchill Downs, Ladbrokes Coral, Betway, and Gaming Realms.

Emma Ferguson, Head of People at Future Anthem said:

It is with great pride that we have curated a team of adept professionals, encompassing not only outstanding technical prowess but also profound understanding of the intricate nuances within the sports betting and gaming sector. Leveraging the vast reservoir of wisdom and proficiency present within our multifaceted team, we are strategically poised to forge AI products that cater to the ever-shifting demands of our clientele, thereby catalyzing revolutionary shifts within the industry.

The triumphant acquisition of top-tier talent by Future Anthem is evidenced by its recruitment and cultivation of interns hailing from esteemed UK universities, equipped with distinguished master’s degrees in data science and artificial intelligence. Notably, seven of these interns have transitioned into full-time roles, underscoring Anthem’s unwavering commitment to nurturing emerging potential.

Furthermore, the scope of recruitment extends beyond technical realms, with a deliberate emphasis on commercial roles. This initiative follows the recent appointment of Ann-Kathrin Baumgardt as the Vice President of Sales and Customer Development for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), drawn from IGT.

Dedicated to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivity, Future Anthem boasts a workforce encompassing 16 nationalities, contributing to a vibrant and multicultural atmosphere. Moreover, Future Anthem has achieved an impressive gender balance – surpassing industry averages – with a 40% female and 60% male ratio, setting a commendable example in the tech sphere.

In response to its expanding team, Future Anthem has inaugurated a state-of-the-art office space in Shoreditch, a burgeoning tech enclave in East London.

Amidst rapid team expansion and an unswerving dedication to elevating user practices, Future Anthem has fortified its lauded real-time personalization product, Amplifier AI. This reinforcement involves the augmentation of core modules spanning customer acquisition, conversion, and retention, intricately interwoven with player well-being considerations. This calculated investment in product advancement and research and growth bolsters Future Anthem’s ability to continuously empower the industry in curating finely-tailored and sustainable player journeys in the realm of real-time interaction.