Future Anthem releases AI sportsbook 3-step playbook

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Future Anthem releases AI sportsbook 3-step playbook

Future Anthem, a trailblazing AI and data science juggernaut, has unveiled its eagerly awaited three-step guide titled “Empowering Sportsbooks with AI.”

This comprehensive guide underscores the pressing need for sportsbooks to spearhead the charge in adopting artificial intelligence, recognizing it as an indispensable factor for securing sustained profitability in today’s fiercely competitive environment.

The playbook is the brainchild of the team responsible for Anthem’s cutting-edge personalization solution, Amplifier AI. It systematically demystifies the critical measures sportsbooks should undertake to transition AI from a mere plan on the drawing board to a tangible asset in the hands of players.

Celebrating its release, Future Anthem Chief Executive Leigh Nissim, said:

The rapid ascent of artificial intelligence in the realm of entertainment, as exemplified by industry giants such as Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon delivering hyper-personalized experiences, has set exceedingly high expectations among consumers. It’s indisputable that the sports betting industry is poised to follow suit, positioned at the ideal crossroads of media, leisure, and e-commerce. The race to achieve real-time personalization is underway, and we implore sportsbooks to take the lead by delving into this playbook to discover their winning strategies. Our aim was to craft a pragmatic guide brimming with highly precise and actionable insights, which can be seamlessly integrated one step at a time. We hold the belief that our freshly minted playbook will serve as a compass, guiding industry decision-makers in confidently incorporating AI into their day-to-day operations as they navigate this exciting new journey.

The playbook delves extensively into how AI has consistently demonstrated its ability to enhance various facets of the player journey, resulting in boosts to NGR (Net Gaming Revenue), player maintenance, and open rates. Moreover, Anthem uses its wealth of expertise and knowledge to provide readers with valuable guidance on the optimal implementation of AI within their sportsbooks. The encouraging news is that this endeavor is far more straightforward than it may initially seem.

Over the past year alone, Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI has processed approximately 700 million sports bets across a diverse spectrum of behavioral profiles, spanning various countries and platforms. Through close collaboration with leading operators, Anthem has borne witness to the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence. An increasing number of sportsbooks are taking progressive strides toward leveraging their data and harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies in real-time to customize player experiences.

This step-by-step approach comprehensively covers every pivotal aspect of the process, from inception to completion. It includes aligning AI with current strategic objectives, pinpointing high-impact use cases with swift returns, gauging effectiveness, constructing a compelling business case for CFO approval, and deciding whether to build or acquire the necessary AI capabilities.