Future Anthem welcomes Svend Aage Kirk as Expert Advisor

  • Wednesday 1 November, 2023
Future Anthem welcomes Svend Aage Kirk as Expert Advisor

Future Anthem, the trailblazing powerhouse in AI and data science, is thrilled to welcome Svend Aage Kirk as the Expert Advisor for its Sustain AI module.

This move underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to pioneering AI solutions that promote sustainable and safer player experiences.

At the heart of Future Anthem’s offerings is its flagship product, Amplifier AI, which tailors every facet of a player’s journey. This innovative platform places responsible gambling and player well-being as top priorities and includes the cutting-edge Sustain AI module. Sustain AI boasts real-time machine learning models that have analyzed an impressive 35 billion betting transactions. These models enable operators to swiftly identify player risk, outpacing traditional methods by 72%.

Kirk’s role will extend beyond mere advisory as he takes the helm of the commercial strategy for Sustain AI. His influence will shape the product’s trajectory and guide Future Anthem’s broader approach to fostering responsible gambling. Sustain AI is specifically designed to aid operators in aligning with regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions, including the recent reforms outlined in the UK government’s white paper. This is achieved through real-time interventions that deliver personalized messages to mitigate player risks.

Svend Aage Kirk in the role of Expert Advisor at Future Anthem said:

Future Anthem unequivocally stands at the forefront of the market, spearheading the creation of revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning tools designed to promote responsible gaming. Their vision seamlessly fuses the realms of commerce and responsible gambling, culminating in an unparalleled suite of personalized products. I am thrilled to join the Future Anthem team and firmly believe that my experience will be instrumental in propelling the company to greater heights in this crucial sector of the industry.

Future Anthem CEO Leigh Nissim, added:

It’s understandable that, up to this point, the industry’s primary emphasis has been on compliance. However, we have ambitious plans to expand upon this foundation by broadening Future Anthem’s focus from responsible to sustainable gambling, with a strong emphasis on prioritizing player health. Svend is a professional I’ve had the privilege of knowing and respecting for several years, boasting an exceptional track record in both AI and responsible gambling. His appointment marks a pivotal milestone in our vision, positioning Future Anthem to lead the way in this critical sector of the industry. It signifies the commencement of the next phase in Future Anthem’s journey toward promoting and fortifying sustainable gaming practices.

Kirk’s appointment reflects Future Anthem’s commitment to harnessing AI for real-time innovations, aiming to establish new benchmarks in responsible gambling. His extensive experience, including serving as CEO and co-founder of Mindway AI, along with his numerous roles in sales, marketing, and executive positions spanning over four decades, positions him as a valuable addition to the team.