Gamanza empowers’s thrilling loyalty initiative

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Gamanza empowers’s thrilling loyalty initiative

Gamanza Group AG, a trailblazing technology company in the iGaming industry, is delighted to declare the triumphant introduction of‘s innovative loyalty initiative.

Representing the inaugural endeavor of Gamanza’s user engagement division, this program stands as an unprecedented growth within the tightly authorized Swiss iGaming sphere. Gamanza Engage has forged a strong partnership with to craft a tailor-made loyalty program that elevates the all-encompassing player journey. Gamers earn points for their gaming interactions and progress through a multi-tiered ranking system, unlocking customized rewards at each milestone. Customers can also accumulate Jackpots coins, which can be redeemed in the reward store for special bonuses, electronic devices, and vouchers redeemable at the restaurant and casino of the Grand Casino Baden.

Customer Success Management Head at Grand Casino Baden, Delia Töpfer mentioned:

The introduction of the Loyalty Program marks a significant achievement in the history of, which is a testament to the fruitful companionship between our team and Gamanza, allowing us to realize a pivotal element of our brand marketing strategy.

The CCO at Gamanza, Robert Civill stated:

Our team is glad to witness the powerful launch of this project. We hold a genuine belief that our collaboration with Gamanza Engage is poised to establish groundbreaking benchmarks in the online gambling sector. With a host of gamification mechanisms in the pipeline, we eagerly anticipate the evolution at and look forward to companioning with additional operators in enhancing their loyalty and retention strategies.

Several other captivating tools are at play, such as level and coin accelerators that enable players to amass points or coins at an accelerated rate for a predefined duration. Furthermore, a novel marketing strategy has been introduced, allowing to provide opportunities for players to earn additional points and coins when engaging with specific games, or particular suppliers during promotional periods.