Gambling ad ban in the Netherlands will commence on July 1

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Gambling ad ban in the Netherlands will commence on July 1

To parliamentary inquiries, Franc Weerwind, has affirmed in a written way that the prohibition on  gambling advertisements in the country will take effect from 1 July. 

This coincides with the implementation date planned by neighboring Belgium for its own gambling ad forbiddance.

Primarily, the interdict will encompass all forms of commercial on TV, radio, or other publicly available spaces, as declared in July, 2022. The forbiddance should start from January 1, but due to some postponed discussions, the date was reviewed. The members of Dutch Parliament had been pushing for admitting the ban, taking into consideration the public’s reaction to the overwhelming amount of such ads that emerged following the release of the country’s iGaming market, that took place in October, 2021.

A “two hits and you’re out” policy for casinos who violate commercial regulations was proposed by some members of Parliament earlier, which would result in license revocation after another offense. Nevertheless, Weerwind, the minister for legitimate security in the Netherlands, debated that fines should be balanced.

He pointed out that the KSA managing bodies can already issue mandatory manuals for casinos, also repeating payments of fines.

He stated that the need for customization makes it crucial for the regulator to have the flexibility to provide it, and that the set model is not in line with this.

Furthermore, he expressed his dedication to increasing awareness. In conjunction with the KSA and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), he is exploring ways to educate immature people about the dangers of online gambling. To avoid encouraging participation from this demographic, he is considering targeted initiatives that are mainly dedicated for younger people’s surroundings, like families or teachers. He is currently in talks with diverse professionals, also those specializing in addiction and financial health.