Games Global signs exclusive partnership with UFC

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Games Global signs exclusive partnership with UFC

Games Global and UFC have entered an exclusive partnership to develop branded content inspired by the renowned mixed martial arts organization.

Over the next three years, Games Global will craft distinctive UFC-themed slot titles, with the initial release slated for a global launch in July, preceded by an exclusive soft launch in May.

With a fan base exceeding 700 million and approximately 260 million social media followers, UFC stands as a globally recognized sports brand. Its yearly production of over 40 live events in prestigious arenas worldwide, along with broadcasting to more than 975 million TV households across 170 countries, solidifies its position in the sports realm.

Given the overlapping target demographics of UFC and Games Global, this collaboration offers a plethora of partnership prospects. It aims to introduce new game titles that resonate with both entities’ audiences, facilitating the recruitment of fresh players and fans. UFC will leverage its expansive global marketing network to promote and bolster the game launches.

Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity to translate the excitement of the Octagon into captivating slot titles. This exclusive venture enables Games Global to cater to millions of UFC enthusiasts, delivering adrenaline-fueled gaming experiences. The collaboration with UFC, a titan in the sports industry, marks a significant milestone for Games Global, and the anticipation is palpable for the debut title’s unveiling.

Tracey Bleczinski, SVP of Licensing at UFC, emphasized the organization’s commitment to engaging its passionate fan base through innovative means. The partnership with Games Global opens avenues to infuse the intensity of UFC into immersive slot titles, poised to resonate with fight aficionados worldwide. UFC is proud to collaborate with Games Global, a distinguished provider and distributor of iGaming content, in delivering this unparalleled entertainment experience.

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