Gaming Innovation Group extended partnership with bet365

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Gaming Innovation Group extended partnership with bet365

GIG unveiled that it has prolonged its cooperation with bet365, aiming at the utilization of GiG Comply, a powerful tool for affiliate marketing checks.

bet365, a prominent international online sports wagering company, boasts a workforce of over 7K individuals and a user scope of 90 million from different countries. With its extensive reach across diverse and intricate markets, the organization faces various regulatory hurdles, underscoring the importance of agile adaptation to the upgrading environs within multiple regulated markets.

GiG Comply is a cutting-edge solution for marketing pliability. It meticulously checks the web pages, analyzes content from links to rules and regulations, and codes red words. The tool checks the advertisement and gives companies the information that can be included in their promotional content.

This versatile tool empowers iGaming companies to establish their standard and checklist, making it highly customizable to face specific demands. By offering this level of flexibility, GiG Comply assists operators in maintaining compliance and adhering to regulatory standards in any given market.

Jonas Warrer, the Chief Marketing Officer at GiG Media, expressed his satisfaction:

We are thrilled that our collaboration with well-known industry leader bet365 has been extended. This partnership remarks the remarkable skills of the GiG Media team and shows how confident they are in their affiliate market companions.

A spokesperson from bet365 mentioned:

We had great hopes for our ongoing collaboration with GiG Comply. They agreed that GiG’s automated compliance solution had a major value in keeping a worldwide affiliate program.

The top iGaming affiliate company of GiG, GiG Media, is at the top of the list of affiliate marketing companies operating globally. It has a pivotal role in assisting companions in driving targeted traffic across various channels, thereby generating valuable leads. Lately, the group has experienced a substantial increase, exemplified by its noteworthy strategic cooperations with News Corp in the UK and Ireland. This partnership takes use of News Corp.’s premium media websites with broad audiences, a trustful source for many readers.