Genius Sports starts deal with Vietnam Pro Basketball League

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Genius Sports starts deal with Vietnam Pro Basketball League

Genius Sports has forged an enduring collaboration with the Vietnam Pro Basketball League, aimed at propelling the VBA’s worldwide enlargement. Such groundbreaking companionship encompasses a variety of areas.

Seven clubs participated in the much anticipated VBA 2023 season, solidifying the league’s position as one of Asia’s most illustrious basketball teams. Leveraging their extensive experience as a loyal companion for about two hundred basketball leagues from different locations, Genius Sports will furnish the VBA with FIBA LiveStats. With the use of this excellent statistical technology, the VBA will be able to improve its broadcasting, scoreboards, web pages, and other platforms focused on its devoted audience. The tool will capture accurate and allowed gamebygame data from every match.

The COO of the VBA, Mr. Tran Chu Sa remarked:

It is amazing to extend a warm greeting to Genius Sports as the latest addition to the VBA community. Through its companionship with Genius Sports, the VBA community now has exciting new opportunities to improve digital fan interaction. By using Genius Sportscuttingedge services, we will embark on a new level of immersive fan experiences. Moreover, this companionship will fortify the VBA’s dedication to combatting fraud and keeping the integrity of our league. Genius Sportsadvanced solutions will serve as a formidable shield against any threats to fair play, instilling trust in our fans. With each season, we will continue to deliver clear and exhilarating games, demonstrating the VBA’s unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional sporting spectacle that our fans can wholeheartedly believe in.

Mohamed Feizel, the Head of Sports at Genius Sports mentioned:

Our team is extremely pleased to unveil our companionship with the league, which will be vital in moving the league into a higher phase of its worldwide development. Leveraging our tried and tested basketball services and extensive worldwide distribution networks. We are more than sure that by working together with the VBA, we can open up fresh doors for development and grow the league’s international profile. Our comprehensive suite of features and widespread coverage will give the league a chance to captivate and set a connection with fans in previously untapped markets.

The league has permitted Genius Sports the permission to utilize its vast global reach for using its authorized live data. This significant companionship aims to protect Vietnam basketball from the risks associated with matchfixing. By implementing fullday monitoring solutions, powered by customized algorithms, the sports betting company will proactively identify any suspicious wagering patterns, ensuring the involvement of the sport remains intact.

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