GIG’s Sportsbook expands in Latvia with William Hill

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GIG’s Sportsbook expands in Latvia with William Hill

GiG has unveiled the established migration of three distinguished wagering brands onto its freshly formed sportsbook.

Such expansion indicated the inaugural brands on GiG’s worldclass platform to be accessible on the GiG Sports, succeeding the factor that GIG obtained Sportnco last year.

William Hill, Mr. Green, and Fenibet brands can benefit of GiG’s powerful capabilities after their migration. The conjunction of GiG’s own tech solutions is a crucial element of the company’s huge strategy, which aims to offer a wellexecuted solution with the sportsbook and platform. For its clients, this strategy guarantees effortless playability and a significant involvement.

With access to more than 36 markets, GiG’s Sportnco sportsbook is now a genuinely international product. The platform is designed to provide localised flexibility, individually cultivated margins, and customised plans for different jurisdictions.

After obtaining Mr. Green in 2019, William Hill has been doing business in Latvia, which is subject to regulation. Along with the purchase, William Hill also bought, a company that since its start in 2012 has risen to become a successful operator in the region.

The Latvian market is predicted to reach a compound yearly increase rate of 10% over the next five years, reaching a substantial level by 2026.

Marcel Elfersy, Chief Commercial Officer of GiG mentioned:

This is an awaited achievement fo us at GIG, as we are just beginning to harvest our immense prospects from merging sportsbook and platform products and services. Being able to provide our own technology to such renowned sports wagering brands as William Hill is an established addition to the weight we can bring to the market as a leading provider.

The Managing Director at William Hill, Janis Tregers commented that the team is delighted to be enabled to supply Sportsbetting to their local users. They both collaborated nearly with the new partner to produce a cuttingedge, unique service that has the perspective to establish them both in the industry.