Globe blocks 1,345 illegal casinos in the first quarter

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Globe blocks 1,345 illegal casinos in the first quarter

Globe Telecom significantly strengthened measures to combat illegal online gambling, blocking a staggering 1,345 domains in the initial quarter of this year, reflecting a remarkable 967% surge compared to the corresponding period last year.

Breaking down the figures, the company disclosed that 260 sites were barred in January, followed by 855 in February, and 230 in March. This sharp uptick continues a trend of escalating interventions, from just 52 sites in 2021 to 396 in 2022, culminating in a total of 4,237 domains shut down throughout 2023.

Anton Bonifacio, Globe’s Chief Information Security Officer, underscored the grave risks associated with illicit gambling platforms, he said:

Illegal online gambling can wreak havoc on finances and communities, fostering problematic gambling habits and exposing users to potential fraud, malware, and cybercrime. We hold ourselves to a moral imperative to enhance online safety and are unwavering in our efforts to detect and block access to these illicit platforms on our network.

This escalation in enforcement mirrors government alerts regarding the perils of unlicensed online gambling, including scams, credit card fraud, and identity theft. Authorities advise the public to patronize only licensed online gaming establishments.

In line with its dedication to a safer online environment, Globe has invested over $2.7 million in cutting-edge content filtering infrastructure. This system not only targets online gambling but also combats issues like child pornography and online piracy, integral facets of Globe’s #MakeITSafePH initiative.

Introduced in 2017, #MakeITSafePH seeks to educate consumers about online risks and strategies for safeguarding against illegal gambling and other cyber threats.

While Globe’s filtering mechanisms are robust, the company acknowledges that some individuals may still attempt to bypass these safeguards. To counteract this, Globe conducts ongoing digital literacy campaigns, empowering customers to steer clear of malicious online content and behaviors.

Furthermore, Globe collaborates closely with government bodies and other stakeholders to tackle various forms of online fraud, aiding in operations that have resulted in arrests and crackdowns on illegal activities.