Green Jade to partner with GameCo

  • Monday 10 October, 2022
Green Jade to partner with GameCo

GameCo is going to join forces with Green Jade as they have ambitions of having a larger influence on the market.

The iGaming developers Green Jade and GameCo have recently published their plans to merge to form a stronger footprint in the market and bolster each other’s portfolios. The soon-to-be-formed company will mainly focus on the newer generation of players and will mostly take the name and branding of the former, as it is planned to be called the “Green Jade Group”.

GameCo’s current chairman, Robert Montgomery, will take the same role at the joint firm. On the other hand, Green Jade’s chairman, Jesper Karrbrink, will become the chief executive officer of the new venture.

We are delighted to form this partnership to merge our knowledge and resources. We are big fans of our partners at Green Jade, as we have been following them and their progress in the industry that enabled them to create high quality entertaining offerings. We are looking forward to exciting times ahead.

commented the chief executive of the group, Jesper Karrbrink.

We are thrilled to announce this merger, as GameCo and Green Jade are a great fit for each other. Both entities have been striving to innovate and create new top notch experiences, establishing themselves great reputations. We are proud of our accomplishments and are looking forward to the future, which we are certain is going to be quite bright for us.

stated the chair of the group, Robert Montgomery.