Greentube acquires majority stake in Ineor

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Greentube acquires majority stake in Ineor

Greentube has recently signed a contract to acquire 80% of Ineor’s shares.

Based out of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Ineor is a development firm that works in several high-profile industries, including gaming. The firm has numerous active contracts with prominent gaming companies, as part of which they develop and distribute innovative programming solutions.

We are delighted to announce our latest acquisition, which will undoubtedly be quite important in a year that promises to deliver excellent growth for our company. We have been working with Ineor for a number of years, and it is quite exciting for us to be able to use their resources and knowledge. After the recent launch of Greentube Mynt, we are confident that we can exceed our expansion goals in no time.

stated the chief financial and growth officer of Greentube, Michael Bauer.

For quite a few years we have worked with Greentube and their parent company, Novomatic, to deliver them strategic solutions, and now we have this opportunity to share our resources to achieve greater things together. Without Greentube’s technically challenging requirements, we would not have pushed ourselves as hard to develop the quality products that make us a market-leading firm. We are looking forward to the future, which we are certain is quite bright for both companies.

commented the founder of Ineor, Dejan Spasovski.

This announcement follows Greentube’s recent launch of its technology stack, Greentube Mynt, which is designed to streamline the process of game development. Furthermore, 2023 has been quite busy for the firm, as it has already signed a couple of other contracts that strengthen its position in the development sector, such as its acquisition of Alteatec and the patent-sharing agreement with IGT.

As the NOVOMATIC Digital Gaming and Entertainment part, Greentube is dedicated to delivering high–quality, customized products on a global scale. With Greentube’s cutting–edge tech, ...