How to choose online casino games as an operator?

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How to choose online casino games as an operator?

No doubt, the iGaming industry offers a huge prospect of success, but how to reach rush results? The path leading to that depends on many factors, but today we will bring you one of the most essential ones – the right choice of online casino games.

Since its establishment, the iGaming sector has consistently witnessed remarkable growth. Numerous businesses devoted to creating casino games or game material have popped up alongside the proliferation of new iGaming operators. Moreover, the continuous advancements in technology have fueled the creation of fresh and captivating games, adding a new dimension of excitement to the industry.

Diversifying the selection of games available is essential if a casino operator is to succeed in attracting and keeping new customers. Rather than solely focusing on providing unique offerings, the key lies in catering to the specific preferences of the players. By doing so, the casino enables users to continually experience fresh and thrilling elements in their overall casino experience while still having fun with their favorite games without compromise.

How can proper game choice influence your online casino?

While each operator may have its selection of popular online casino games that contribute significantly to its profits, players always value having a wide range of game choices. Moreover, a properly chosen game library can play a huge role in your player base acquisition and retention.

Players like to see a broader and more innovative selection of content, types, and formats, from the best providers of the industry. They usually seek one platform that can unite their interests and preferences, providing a unique experience. Check out this link about top marketing strategies to boost your casino games.

Keep in mind also that today’s online gambling world tends to be more mobile-friendly, and engaging games that are available on various mobile operating systems (iOS, Android) are a bold advantage for your online casino.

Ideally, a casino should incorporate renowned game B2Bs, such as Microgaming, Playtech, Thunderkick, or NetEnt and IGT offering their well-established titles. Ultimately, including games from the world’s top gaming software developers signifies that a casino has formed partnerships with industry leaders, bolstering its reputation and appeal to players.

Target the right game for your player base

To understand how the right game choice can benefit your casino, you should align content with your player base’s demands.

In order to maintain a positive reputation and satisfy the player base, operators must diligently explore the desires and preferences of their target audience, subsequently striving to provide precisely what they seek. By understanding it, casinos can successfully establish a strong and loyal following. Besides that, consider examining your current positioning or desired positioning in the market, assessing your competitors, and analyzing the feedback received from their players. This includes not only offering better products than your competitors but also understanding what you should avoid.

Who are typically interested in online casino games? There is a widely accepted predominant image that young men are most likely to gamble. As they live in a world where mobile devices predominate, these players frequently have a significant interest in technology. They also frequently have higher incomes and levels of education in more developed nations.

However, relying on a single image is insufficient. Although males constitute a larger proportion of players compared to females worldwide, there are still significant numbers of female players, particularly in many European countries and the US.

Following the player feedback will be a good basement for operators to lean on. Forums, networks, and player communities may provide immense assistance in understanding how to attract players and satisfy their needs.

Note that player needs and expectations can be different depending on the market. Overall, gambling practices are influenced by cultural factors, and each culture has its unique approach to it. However, this industry has the power to bring together individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering a platform where people can interact and get involved in the same activity together.

Here are the main characteristics that are examined while determining the players’ base needs:

Primary characteristics:

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Age and gender

Secondary characteristics:

  • Education and income
  • Motivational reasons
  • Utilized devices
  • Experience level
  • Player feedback

After a thorough analysis, you may have a general idea of what kind of content you can bring to your online casino, what partnerships you can establish, and which providers you can choose.

Speaking about online casinos, a huge part of players immediately associate it with slot machines, and for good reason. Slots are the most prevalent and best online casino game, boasting the largest fan base. But let’s see a statistical image of this active industry.

For example, the biggest and most dynamic online gambling markets are the United Kingdom and the US. American online gambling primarily encompasses three main categories: poker and sports betting. These types of gambling constitute the core segments of the industry in the country. While British online gamblers usually opt for the lottery, poker, sports betting, bingo, and different other engaging activities.

Best game types to include in your online casino in 2023

The question of which casino games hold the title of being the most popular worldwide often sparks curiosity among many individuals. Answers to this question vary depending on factors such as online versus live gambling, regional preferences, and more.

Nevertheless, there are specific games that manage to capture hearts across different cultures and locations. Below, you will find our selection of the top most popular online casino game types.


slot games

The most well-liked casino game category is slot, and there are thousands of distinct slot machines, with a distinguished set of rules and regulations as well as gameplay settings. Colors, thrilling sounds, captivating graphics, and the search for the winning combination make up this simple game. The casino enthusiasts’ favorite entertainment option is video slots.

Top slot providers: BGaming, Evolution Gaming, Wazdan, Pragmatic Play.

Live Dealer Games

live dealer games

Live Dealers preside over a collection of the best online casino games, encompassing Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Poker, and Live Baccarat. These games can be observed through a streamed video link or on a broadcasted TV network. Players have the opportunity to make instant betting choices and engage with the dealer via a text chat feature. A Live Dealer’s responsibilities include communicating with players, providing entertainment, and preserving the highest professional standards to ensure that fair play is maintained.

Top live dealer game providers: Playtech, Stakelogic, NetEnt.

Table Games

table games

The phrase “table game” encompasses games of chance similar to baccarat, roulette, craps, and blackjack. Rather than being played on mechanical devices like slot machines or competing with others, like in traditional poker, these games are played directly against the casino and are guided by one or several live croupiers.

Top table game providers: OneTouch, Playson, Bragg Gaming, NuxGames, Wazdan, Light & Wonder, Booming Games, Realistic Games.

Skill Games

skill games tg

Poker and its variations are the most widely played of the numerous diverse skill games there exist. They make up 21% of the total number of skill games offered by the casino and are the most popular card games both in terms of the media and in general. What makes poker the favorite game of players is that, in comparison with most games of chance, there is less depending on luck. Fundamental elements of the game include the right strategy, psychology, and skills, which are typically more significant than pure luck.

Top poker providers: WiseGaming, Greentube, Relax Gaming, 7777 Gaming.


lottery tgAn online casino lottery game is an innovative fusion of the classic lottery concept and the interactive environment of an online casino. In this type of game, users have the unique chance to purchase virtual tickets, much like traditional lottery tickets, using the casino’s platform. These tickets are endowed with specific numbers or combinations, which players can either select themselves or have assigned randomly. Once the designated time for ticket sales concludes or a predetermined number of tickets are sold, the game proceeds to the drawing phase. This phase involves the use of a random mechanism, often an advanced algorithm or certified random number generator (RNG), to choose a winning combination of numbers. Players who hold tickets matching the drawn numbers are then awarded various prizes or payouts, depending on the specific game’s rules and payout structure.

Top lottery providers: Intralot, BetGames, Hub88, NSoft, International Game Technology.

How to choose the best game supplier?

So, each game format has its top providers in the market, that could establish themselves and gain a good reputation. Undoubtedly, a wider range of game content will attract a larger player base. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that the variety of titles should not be only determined by the number of iGaming B2Bs available. Operators dedicate significant resources to building their gaming portfolios and establishing connections with mainly slot game suppliers, and it is crucial that these investments prove to be worthwhile.

Nowadays, the distribution of online gaming platforms is on the rise, posing a challenge for casinos who face the daunting task of selecting a suitable provider. Nevertheless, exercising caution in your selection is crucial as it directly influences your overall casino experience. Here are the main points to check before choosing the best B2B for your online casino:

  1. Find out if the iGaming company is licensed (to discover more about licenses, check our article)
  2. Check the reviews about the provider
  3. Discover the diversity of the games
  4. Get acquainted with the supplier’s pack of offered solutions
  5. Check out if the games are available in multiple languages for different markets
  6. Get acquainted with the bonus terms and conditions

How to promote online casino games?

The world of online casinos is highly competitive, boasting numerous online casino operators fighting for the same audience base. Once choosing your casino games, you’ll need to have good marketing/promotional tactics to achieve good results. Here we have listed some of them:

  • Incorporate bonuses and jackpots – Presenting special bonuses, promotions and jackpots proves to be an effective strategy for engaging new users to the online casino. These promotions can be showcased on the website and through various social media channels. Additionally, numerous online casino operators incorporate social components and leaderboards, enabling audiences to engage in friendly competition with players from across the globe.
  • Partner with casino content affiliates – Begin establishing partnerships with leading casino content affiliates. Collaborating with top affiliates in the casino industry is a highly effective strategy for promoting your online casino. Affiliate marketing plays a pivotal role in our overall marketing strategy; without it, attracting visitors would be significantly more challenging. By partnering with these affiliates, you can expand your reach and build trust with your target audience.
  • Utilize CRM strategies and tools – Employing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques and software can significantly enhance client retention and loyalty. These strategies encompass personalized email campaigns, customer feedback surveys, and the implementation of loyalty programs. Fostering a robust connection with customers is a sought-after competitive advantage for most organizations.
  • Utilize online casino ad networks – To efficiently reach a wider audience and promote your casino visibility you can use ad networks. In this challenging industry, traditional advertising can be competitive and expensive. Betting enterprises have adopted innovative approaches, like social media ads with influencers, sports teams, ambassadors as well as streamers. Online casino ad networks are highly effective and precisely target users, though they are a relatively new option. They provide immediate access to the audience, unlike conventional tactics like television advertising.
  • Leverage email marketing – Do not ignore the power of email marketing as a potent strategy for promoting your online casino games. This approach allows direct engagement with clients, providing special promotions and bonuses. A well-defined email marketing strategy is crucial, emphasizing client attraction and retention as key priorities.
  • Include influencer marketing – This emerging advertising strategy encompasses collaborating with individuals having huge social media followings on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok as well as Twitter. Find online gaming-interested individuals, get in touch with them about possible collaborations, and take use of their reputation to win over new clients. Influencer marketing also promotes more engagement and grows internet traffic for your casino and boost its visibility.


What are the main 2 categories of online casino games?

Online games can be broadly divided into two categories: RNG (Random Number Generator) games and live dealer games, which provide live streaming and interactive gambling experiences.

In the virtual world, live dealer games imitate the ambiance of a regular brick-and-mortar casino. They involve a live dealer and a set-up table, and the game is broadcasted online via cameras. Participants can contact the host and fellow participants through chat or an in-game interface, making it an appealing choice for those seeking social interaction.

On the other hand, classic online games or RNG-based games provide a different experience. While they may not emphasize community building as much, they offer greater flexibility in terms of time, game selection, location, and wagering amounts. These games are characterized by high-quality graphics and engaging storylines, enhancing the overall immersive experience for players.

What are the top game providers in the market?

In the present day, the gaming industry is bustling with a multitude of game developers, and new ones emerge each year. However, it is crucial to differentiate between the exceptional and the subpar. Currently, the leading game providers include Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Aristocrat, and Yggdrasil.

What type of gambling brings more revenue for casinos?

The two types of gambling that bring in the most revenue are slot machines and table games. The recognition of a game, the odds, the player’s abilities, and pure luck all come together to determine how profitable it will be. Prior to selecting a game for your online casino, it is crucial to make sure the first three factors are in your favor.

What makes an online casino game top?

Distinguishing itself from the competition, top online casino game has distinct playability, tools, bonuses, features, and visuals. Its standout qualities make it easily recognizable among a sea of options. A well-crafted interface makes sure a superior player experience, contributing to the title’s exclusivity. Moreover, an exclusive online casino game boasts a high payout rate and lucrative bonuses, strategically enticing audiences to participate. To maintain its allure, the game is consistently updated with fresh content, ensuring players are engaged and eager to return for more excitement.


The essence of an online casino lies in its gaming content, which serves as a pivotal and highly effective tool for both attracting and retaining players. The opinions players form about an iGaming site heavily rely on the diversity and excellence of its game portfolio. To uphold a favorable reputation and cater to their player community, operators must diligently delve into the desires and preferences of their target audience. By comprehending and fulfilling player expectations, operators can effectively foster a robust and devoted audience base.