IBIA cooperates with Brazil’s responsible gaming authority

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IBIA cooperates with Brazil’s responsible gaming authority

In a collaborative effort, the Brazilian Authority of Responsible Gaming (IBJR) has joined forces with the IBIA to establish robust measures against games with predetermined results in Brazil.

Both institutions have agreed to a wagering integrity safety agreement as a crucial part of their collaboration. This deal will bolster efforts to combat matchfixing and enhance surveillance of sports in the country.

This development comes shortly after Brazil released a provisional measure outlining the framework for sports wagering, positioning the country on the verge of formal regulation in this domain.

André Gelfi, Chief Executive of IBJR, emphasized the significance of sector control in intensifying the promotion of the collaboration between authorities to ban predetermined game result schemes. This regulation intends to protect Brazilian wagerers and sports betting organizations. Gelfi further emphasized the proactive stance taken by IBJR in connecting IBIA representatives with significant bodies to foster better collaboration to successfully handle this issue.

Khalid Ali, Chief of IBIA, highlighted the shared main goals of the new companionship, with a primary focus on safeguarding customers in Brazil.

He said that IBIA expressed great satisfaction in achieving such a significant deal with IBJR, recognizing the alignment of values and purposes regarding the Brazilian sports wagering market. The security of Brazilian audiences and athletic events comes first for both organizations, along with the integrity of the wagering offering. Moving forward, these two parties will partner on exploring joint initiatives aimed at advancing these crucial objectives.