iGaming Talks: Interview with Evoplay’s Ivan Kravchuk

iGaming Talks: Interview with Evoplay’s Ivan Kravchuk

TheGamblest’s new iGaming Talks features Ivan Kravchuk from Evoplay.

In this edition, the CEO discusses what sets Evoplay apart as an award-winning iGaming development studio, unveils new game mechanics, and shares the main strategies the company employs to engage the new generation of players. Additionally, he provides insights into Evoplay’s latest launches.

TheGamblest: Ivan, can you tell us about Evoplay and what distinguishes it as an award-winning iGaming development studio in the industry?

Ivan: Evoplay stands out in the industry due to our commitment to innovation, courage, and responsibility. We actively experiment, come up with new ideas, and try new approaches – decisions not everyone dares to make. This allows us to create games with the perfect mix of excitement, interactive elements, custom features, and themes that resonate deeply with iGamers.

From a business standpoint, we differentiate ourselves through our responsible and partner-oriented approach. By building strong, long-lasting relationships, we enhance our reputation and boost business results. Our team continually seeks ways to improve communication efficiency. Recently, we launched Client Area, which benefits all parties involved. This platform saves time, enabling us and our partners to operate more effectively as we collectively strive to provide players with advanced experiences as quickly as possible.

These qualities make Evoplay an outstanding game provider, driving the iGaming industry to new heights.

TheGamblest: Could you tell us about the key milestones in Evoplay’s development journey and how the company has evolved over the years?

Ivan: Each milestone in Evoplay’s journey is tied to the release of a groundbreaking title, demonstrating our dedication to innovation. From Necromancer, our first 3D/VR slot, to the newest skill-based flagship game, Adrenaline Rush, each release marked a step towards our unique approach to game creation.

Looking back, after the launch of Dungeon: Immortal Evil, Evoplay’s first RPG-inspired flagship game, the next significant breakthrough was the creation of our innovative engine, Spinential. This was followed by a major rebranding campaign that reflected our mission – to go beyond the traditional approach and redefine the iGaming industry. With this experience and boldness to innovate, we launched the industry’s first third-person shooter with manual control, Star Guardians. This flagship game, backed by a major marketing campaign, made a huge impact on our business, boosting it and securing numerous awards, cementing our status as an iGaming industry innovator.

Today, with Adrenaline Rush, we’re still breaking stereotypes, showing that creativity knows no bounds. At Evoplay, we’re not just making games; we’re crafting experiences driven by our passion for providing iGamers with unforgettable entertainment.

TheGamblest: Evoplay is known for introducing new game mechanics. Can you share some of the unique mechanics that you have developed recently and how they enhance the gaming experience?

Ivan: At Evoplay, we always strive to come up with new ideas and create new ways of playing games. A standout example is our latest skill-based racing mechanic in the flagship game, Adrenaline Rush. This unique mechanic allows players to showcase their driving skills, adding an adrenaline rush with gambling elements – a distinctive offering in the iGaming market.

We were also among the first to adapt instant games to the iGaming world. Although the impact was not immediate, our efforts have yielded significant results. Mechanics such as shoot-out, point-and-shoot, and crash have propelled our instant games to global popularity. Their simple gameplay and dynamic nature resonate deeply with iGamers. Goblin Run, Elven Princesses: Crown Quest, and our sport-themed games, such as Long Ball and Penalty Shoot-out: Street, exemplify this success.

I believe this direction holds great promise for Evoplay. It offers ample scope for creativity and innovation, providing opportunities to stay ahead in the ever-evolving iGaming landscape and meet the changing needs of our players.

TheGamblest: What strategies does Evoplay employ to attract and engage the new generation of players, and how do these strategies differ from traditional approaches?

Ivan: To engage the new generation of players, Evoplay employs innovative strategies in both gaming development and marketing campaigns. With a significant 79% of the general population identifying as video game enthusiasts, we recognise the importance of providing an immersive gaming experience, augmented with gambling elements, to attract these types of players to our games. To achieve this, we create titles with dynamic gameplay, gamification elements, and provide customisation options. Adrenaline Rush, is a good example of a game with these features that resonate with the younger players.

Our marketing campaigns and promotional tools are another way to attract and engage a wide audience, and in particular the younger generation. According to internal data, among the most popular and effective promo tools are Quests, Tournaments, Random Prize Drops, and Jackpots. Despite their success, we continue to work on new offerings to meet the evolving demands of our existing audience and attract new players.

TheGamblest: You’ve recently presented Adrenaline Rush, the industry’s first skill-based 3D racing game. Can you share the inspiration behind this flagship title and what sets it apart from other games in the market?

Ivan: Our inspiration came from the vibrant world of computer games, particularly iconic series like Need for Speed, which evoke strong nostalgia among players. External research further confirmed the growing significance of racing games, as they surged into the top 10 game genres in 2023. These factors, along with the underrepresentation of racing games in our portfolio, collectively motivated us to develop Adrenaline Rush as our third flagship title.

What sets Adrenaline Rush apart is its fusion of gaming and gambling experiences, a groundbreaking concept in the online casino realm. Featuring manual control, Adrenaline Rush allows players to showcase their driving skills, which resonates particularly well with next-generation iGamers or those seeking more interactive experiences. With a diverse range of cars boasting unique specifications and three characters with personalised storylines, Adrenaline Rush offers an exciting new level of adventure. 

TheGamblest: How has Adrenaline Rush been received by players and partners since its launch? What feedback have you received, and how is it influencing your future game development?

Ivan: There are usually three main reactions to the result of any work – good, bad and wow. If we transfer this experience to creating games, we managed to achieve a wow effect. We were thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response and interest to our flagship game, Adrenaline Rush, along with its two more classic additions of both our current and potential partners. That is, we aimed to satisfy traditional players with familiar elements while also offering an innovative product for those seeking new experiences.

Looking ahead, I am betting on the transformation of the iGaming industry, moving it beyond traditional offerings. And although there are now trends towards reducing the variability of offers, with the transition to a more advanced level of technology development and the changing preferences of a new audience, we as providers must be ready to meet their demands.

TheGamblest: How does Evoplay approach the development and presentation of new projects in the gambling market? Are there any exciting upcoming releases we should look forward to?

Ivan: At Evoplay, we prioritise innovation, trends, and player satisfaction in our game development. Our goal is to deliver top-quality gaming experiences and captivating animations, whether it’s traditional casino games or pioneering titles. We also refine our backend infrastructure for seamless performance and player engagement.

Players can expect a range of instant games infused with fun and sports themes, promising fresh adventures. We’re also introducing new slots with enhanced mechanics, catering to classic gaming enthusiasts. For those eager to jump in right away, check out recent releases such as Cursed Castle, B-Ball Blitz, or Hockey Shootout.

Towards year-end, we’ll introduce exciting new entertainment areas like lotteries and bingo games, providing iGamers with a more comprehensive gaming experience. Our marketing team is currently working on innovative ways to present new offerings that promise to be even more exciting. Because for us at Evoplay, it’s not just about games – it’s about creating unforgettable experiences in how we engage with our partners and players.

TheGamblest: Ivan, does managing such a large company allow you time for personal life and hobbies? How do you maintain a work/life balance?

Ivan: It’s challenging, but I strive to maintain balance. While immersing myself in work, I understand the importance of finding time to rest and recharge. Sports and computer games help me relax and switch gears. My family provides invaluable support, filling me with motivation and harmony. Engaging in volunteer activities adds to my sense of contributing to society. Staying informed is also essential; I regularly read the news, including updates in our industry and other entertainment sectors.

These activities are just part of my interests, but they are currently the main ones. Balancing everything gives me a specific drive, as I naturally love staying active and engaged in various pursuits.

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