iGaming Talks: Interview with GR8 Tech’s Kiril Nestorovski

iGaming Talks: Interview with GR8 Tech’s Kiril Nestorovski

In the frame of this week’s iGaming Talks, Kiril Nestorovski, Sales Director at GR8 Tech, covers the crucial topics, illuminating the company’s flagship product – the GR8 Sportsbook platform, along with its standout features.

Additionally, he provides insights into the latest updates and advancements in the suite of services and products offered to clients. Discover the challenges encountered and the primary objectives they’re prioritizing for the year ahead.

TheGamblest: GR8 Tech is a fast-moving company in iGaming, Kiril, can you provide an overview of your flagship product – the GR8 Sportsbook platform, and its key features?

Kiril: We take immense pride in the GR8 Sportsbook platform, which has been crafted to seamlessly blend comprehensiveness with adaptability. With an extensive array of over 2,000 betting options spanning across more than 50 sports and esports, there’s bound to be something that resonates with every bettor’s preferences.

Given how everyone is on their phones these days, it is crucial to offer a seamless mobile betting experience; hence, our platform is mobile-optimized, and we offer native mobile apps. On the backend, we’ve incorporated a robust personalization engine, deep integration with our own proprietary CRM, and developed advanced risk management and data analytics tools. Operators can capture insights and run their business effectively based on timely and well-informed decisions.

One of the unique features of our GR8 Sportsbook are its margin management tools, which make the product engaging and drive more revenue for the operators. Balancing attractive odds for players with profitability for our clients, ensures a successful sportsbook operation in the long term.

As customization is key, we allow our operators to tailor our platform’s frontend look and feel to match their style and branding, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the player journey.

In essence, the GR8 Sportsbook platform provides a rich, user-friendly, and reliable betting experience for the operators and their players.

TheGamblest: How does GR8 Tech stay ahead of the game in terms of iGaming business development trends, and how does this influence your product development strategy?

Kiril: At GR8 Tech, we aim at setting the iGaming trends. Our proactive approach to business development and product strategy ensures we’re always ahead of the curve. By fostering innovation and maintaining close collaboration with our clients and the broader market, we ensure our products respond to the changing needs and help shape future industry standards. Our commitment to leading, rather than following, is what keeps our solutions fresh and our clients ahead in the competitive iGaming landscape.

TheGamblest: Can you discuss any recent developments or updates regarding the GR8 Sportsbook platform and how they have benefited your clients?

Kiril: Recently we’ve introduced an innovative feature to the GR8 Sportsbook platform called Odds Booster, a game-changer designed to enhance the visibility of low-margin odds, ensuring that players are aware and can capitalize on the best value bets available. It boosts players’ interaction with the platform and helps operators elevate their appeal and competitive edge in the market.

Odds Booster is just the latest in a continuous stream of developments we’re rolling out on the GR8 Sportsbook platform. While some updates are driven by our clients, others are proactive initiatives born from our internal experts with a clear goal: to enhance our products and improve the experience for everyone involved, from operators to players. The recent client feedback has confirmed that our current approach is effective.

TheGamblest: GR8 Tech fosters various collaboration and communication with its clients, how do you ensure their needs are met throughout the development and implementation process?

Kiril: Valuing lifetime partnerships with our operators, we prioritize collaboration and communication beyond the development and implementation processes. Our custom-tailored solutions ensure that we can fine-tune the GR8 platform to meet our clients’ specific needs, flexibly answering their evolving requirements.

We listen actively, setting the stage for a co-development approach where client feedback is integral to shaping the product. Post-implementation, we offer training and support, coupled with a hypercare period of one month, which we believe, and our clients agree, is a VIP experience. We also conduct ongoing performance monitoring to ensure our clients fully leverage the platform’s capabilities and achieve their operational goals.

TheGamblest: Our readers would also like to know how the team mitigates potential risks or challenges that may arise during the implementation or operation of its products, particularly within today’s super competitive industry?

Kiril: There are two critical pillars to mitigate potential risks during the implementation and operation of our products: client communication and product quality. Throughout the entire period of negotiations with the potential clients, we are transparent and open – there is no point in selling something that the company cannot deliver. We ensure that our clients are fully updated during the implementation process, fostering a relationship built on trust and clarity. This approach enables us to anticipate and address potential challenges – which are inevitable in our sphere – collaboratively. On the product quality front, our outstanding technical teams are instrumental in delivering robust and reliable solutions.

TheGamblest: If it’s not a secret, Kiril, could you elaborate on GR8 Tech’s long-term vision and goals for its product portfolio, particularly in relation to emerging technologies and market trends?

Kiril: Our ambition is to be a lifetime partner for our clients, offering them the most reliable service and technology solutions that empower their ambitions and growth in the iGaming industry.

The approach we take to technology and trends is always grounded in pragmatism; we evaluate new technologies through the lens of our clients’ business needs and the tangible value the innovations can bring to their operations. It’s not just about adopting technology for the sake of novelty; it’s about integrating solutions that enhance the user experience, improve operational efficiency, and drive business success.

TheGamblest: How do you measure the success of your products and services, and what metrics or KPIs do you prioritize when evaluating client satisfaction and business outcomes?

Kiril: Measuring success in the iGaming world is like hitting a moving target. To evaluate it, we look at a whole range of metrics and KPIs: player engagement, retention rates, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT), and, of course, the bottom line.

Prioritizing these metrics allows us to maintain a balanced perspective on client satisfaction and business performance. By continuously monitoring and analyzing, we can adapt our strategies and offerings to meet the evolving client needs and drive sustainable growth. But the most important metric of all is whether our clients are happy. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about building trust and long-term relationships.

TheGamblest: What advice would you offer to businesses considering partnering with GR8 Tech for their iGaming technology needs, and what sets GR8 Tech apart as a trusted partner in the industry?

Kiril: For businesses looking for a reliable partner in the iGaming space, my advice is straightforward, yet essential: Find a partner that speaks your language, tries to truly understand your pains, gets the market dynamics, and is adaptable with a high degree of technological advances.

We firmly believe that GR8 Tech aligns perfectly with the above explanation, and we warmly invite you to connect with us. Together, let’s engage in a conversation to pinpoint and resolve the unique challenges and requirements of your iGaming operations, propelling it toward new heights. Our sincere commitment lies in empowering our clients’ triumphs and expansion – an ethos that truly distinguishes us.

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