iGaming Talks: Interview with Stakelogic’s Olga Bajela

iGaming Talks: Interview with Stakelogic’s Olga Bajela

This week, we’re thrilled to welcome Olga Bajela, the Chief Commercial Officer at Stakelogic, to iGaming Talks.

Olga will delve into Stakelogic’s pivotal position as a leading supplier in the iGaming world, discussing their key goals, recent milestones, and the outlook for 2024. Tune in to discover the exciting details behind Stakelogic’s latest addition, the Super Wheel™, and its impact on their expanding portfolio.

TheGamblest: Olga, let’s delve into the backstory of Stakelogic and explore what it brings to the table. What’s its origin story, and what unique offerings does it provide?

Olga: Stakelogic was founded with the vision of innovating the online gaming industry by developing state-of-the-art casino games that elevate player experience through advanced technology and sharp attention to user engagement. We bring unique offerings like our Super Wheel feature and advanced animation techniques that set our games apart. Our focus is on providing highly animated, intensely graphic slot games that offer not just gameplay, but a high-energy player adventure.

TheGamblest: Could you highlight Stakelogic’s recent achievements in the fast-paced iGaming industry and its current position? Also, what are your expectations for Stakelogic’s direction in 2024?

Olga: Recently, Stakelogic has expanded its market reach by securing several strategic partnerships and certifications that allow us to operate in various new geo-markets. We’ve consistently grown our portfolio with games that push creative boundaries and integrate innovative technologies. For 2024, we aim to further our expansion into new regions and continue enhancing our offerings with the latest tech advanements.

TheGamblest: We would love to know what distinguishes Stakelogic from competitors in the expanding iGaming B2B market. Additionally, what new updates does Stakelogic bring to the table today?

Olga: Stakelogic distinguishes itself through a relentless pursuit of innovation and quality. We are not just creating online slots and live dealer games; we are creating experiences that resonate with players on a deeper level. Today, we are excited to introduce updates in our gaming mechanics and the launch of new game features that are designed to provide more immersive and interactive gaming experiences.

TheGamblest: You have recently launched Super Wheel™, how does it enhance Stakelogic’s gaming portfolio, merging the excitement of slot gameplay with the immersive ambiance of a live casino? Could you walk us through its functionality and what sets it apart?

Olga: Super Wheel™ is an incredible new addition that combines the dynamics of slot gaming with the glamour of a live casino environment. This feature is a multi-layered wheel mechanism, providing players with multiple chances to win and gain incredible multipliers. Super Wheel is triggered when players are playing an online slot from Stakelogic, adding an unexpected layer of excitement. A distinctive aspect of Super Wheel™ is that upon landing on bonus sections on the wheel like Vegas Diamonds, Vegas Hold n’ Spin, or Vegas Drops, players are transported to another live studio, where the bonus round takes place. This transition adds a layer of excitement and makes each session uniquely dynamic. The integration of live hosts and real-time gaming further enhances the experience, shifting it from a traditional slot to a fully interactive and engaging live casino event. Super Wheel™ will soon be implemented in slots from other developers, expanding its reach and influence in the iGaming industry.

TheGamblest: Olga, could you provide more details about the upcoming launch of Vegas Royale Super Wheel, which introduces a new concept where Super Wheel transforms into a live game show? How does this innovative approach enhance the gaming experience, and what can players expect from this exciting new venture?

Olga: Get ready to experience the heart-pounding excitement of Vegas with Vegas Royale Super Wheel!  From start to finish you can immerse yourself in a unique Vegas experience, with two thrilling Bonus features. The direct integration of the Stakelogic Super Wheel means players can enjoy a live show experience directly within Vegas Royale, and even multiply their wins. The second Bonus feature includes a progressive multiplier that will keep players right on the edge of their chair for every spin. Prepare to be swept away by the glitz and glamour as you embark on an adventure like no other. Feel the rush as you spin the reels and immerse yourself in the allure of the Vegas lights. For a truly unique and innovative slots experience, Vegas Royale Super Wheel will take you all the way!

TheGamblest: Other than that, Stakelogic also got Progressive Live Jackpot. How does the Money Wheel game show approach differentiate it from traditional jackpots and set a new standard for progressive jackpots in the industry?

Olga: Our Progressive Live Jackpot introduces a Money Wheel game show format, which allows players to experience the excitement of progressive jackpots in a live setting. This approach provides transparency in jackpot winnings, creating a communal and suspenseful atmosphere as players see the jackpot grow in real-time and anticipate potential wins.

TheGamblest: To move on from the previous questions and finalize our interview our readers would like to know more about you Olga. What activities do you enjoy after an intensive working day?

Olga: After a demanding day, I love unwinding with my family and Fira, my dog. Whether it’s a quiet evening at home or a quick getaway to a new destination, it’s all about balance for me. Sports are my go-to for staying active—yoga, squash, and even fencing provide the perfect blend of energy and mindfulness.


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