iGaming Talks: Interview with UltraPlay’s Martina Alexieva

iGaming Talks: Interview with UltraPlay’s Martina Alexieva

UltraPlay‘s Marketing Manager, Martina Alexieva, joins us this week on iGaming Talks to discuss the importance of marketing in the iGaming industry, the challenges of emerging market trends, and the future of UltraPlay, including the beginning of a new chapter for the company with the upcoming merger of their brands under a single name, ODDS.Group.

TheGamblest: Having both white label and turnkey platforms available on your website, how can operators pick the best option that meets their needs?

Martina: Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in the gaming industry.
They know better how to help our clients to find the best product for their needs and guide them through all the processes – from the choice of the right solution to its execution.

The best option for each client is different, it depends on thousands of factors. We create a special product for each client and strive to respond to their needs and expectations.

TG: Let’s talk about industry trends. UltraPlay was one of the early adopters of Bitcoin as a betting method. What would you say are the benefits and drawbacks of joining trends while they’re still in their infancy?

Martina: It is incredible to be an innovator in a dynamic industry such as gambling.
UltraPlay established Blockchain betting technology back in 2012 with the first Bitcoin-based online gaming casino on the market. Since then, the company has recorded an enormous increase in the players’ usage of Bitcoin as a payment method.

The main benefits are that it has built a reputation as a bold, innovative and progressive company.
The blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer a huge step forward for the gambling industry and now continue to provide a level of trust never seen before.

The drawbacks in the beginning were the insecurity and the anticipation of customers’ reactions.
It takes some time for people to get used to the innovations and start enjoying them.
Each new product we launch is accompanied by uncertainty and fear of the unknown. But that’s when innovation happens, when you overcome the fear and step out of your comfort zone.

TG: eSports is something you substantially invested in while it was still emerging in the iGaming market. How does your eSports product stand out from the competition?

Martina: We were the first company in the world to offer live betting for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). From that moment on the company has not stopped demonstrating what it means to understand esports and to create true innovations in the business.

We invest in our products a lot – our time, our passion, and our energy. We make them unique. Moreover we always listen to our customers’ needs and work hard to make our eSports product the best on the market.

Our eSports product stands out from the competition because we’ve succeeded to provide the best betting experience to our clients. We always listen to what the true eSports fans want because they understand the game better and show us what they need. We focus on these key aspects and continue improving our products.

TG: What are the key elements for a successful partnership?

Martina Alexieva
Martina Alexieva

Martina: There are many key elements that help us build a successful partnership. Honesty, openness and dedication are small part of these elements.
The team’s dedication to each aspect of the company’s business is essential to the company’s success. We are a team of iGaming and IT professionals who are constantly developing state-of-the-art products and betting solutions.
The software betting provider sets the bar higher and leads the industry’s trends through a proactive approach to establish the company as the market leader in many aspects of the online gaming business.

TG: In the last decade, UltraPlay has built a reputation for itself and I’m sure that having a great team is a big part of it. Tell us a little bit about the team behind the brand and your company values.

Martina: The team is not just a big part of our success. The team is everything – the main living mechanism that leads the company to success.
In UltraPlay we unify all our values under the moto “Be QOOL” – Quality, Openness, Ownership, Learning. It is very important for us to build positive and lasting relationships within the organization.
We encourage our team to improve, to learn new things every day because staying still is dying. Our colleagues are encouraged to self-manage their work and to be responsible and accountable for getting things done. We never stop and we never give up. There is always a way to overcome the difficulties.
Our knowledge and self-discipline are among our biggest individual and organizational assets.

TG: Marketing is an important element for any business, especially one in our industry. What is your customer retention strategy? As much as you share, of course 🙂

Martina: Marketing is a key element in any business indeed, especially when we talk about gambling.
This business is very diverse, attractive, and highly competitive. A good vision always attracts but it is not the reason for building a loyal connection with the customer.
In the first place we offer unique products and services and strive to provide personalized customer experiences for our clients, to build trust. It’s hard to improve your business if you don’t know how your customers feel about it. To start retaining customers, you need a process for obtaining and sharing that information with the rest of your organization.

TG: What does the future of UltraPlay look like? Any short-term or long-term goals you could share with our readers?

Martina: We are rebranding ourselves this year. A new chapter in the company’s history begins, and our multiple global brands will be unified under one name – ODDS.Group.

ODDS.Group is devoted to empowering its customers, realizing their vision and delivering outstanding player experiences in regulated markets. The companies that are part of ODDS.GROUP are UltraPlay, ODDS.GG, Galaxy.bet, and NFTpay.GG.
Everyone in the iGaming industry knows UltraPlay as a leading eSports odds and platform provider and ODDS.GG as a revolutionary eSports and data-feed system.

Galaxy.bet is one of the leading Crypto betting platforms with the largest online Slots selection in the Industry.
NFTpay.GG is our newest project – a unique PSP platform that provides liquidity to its users, allowing them to spend their NFT’s as a way to pay for digital goods or receive the equivalent amount of crypto to game with or trade with.
Our main goal currently is to continue strengthening our positions as a leading iGaming group on the market.

TG: Martina, how did you get into iGaming? And can you tell us a little bit about what motivates you outside of work?

Martina: I come from a very different industry but I was attracted by UltraPlay’s team and the spirit of the company. The iGaming industry is very dynamic, diverse, and exciting. It offers so many challenges and possibilities for development.

What motivates me outside of work is my family. I see it as a personal achievement that helps me be a better version of myself every day.

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