iGaming Talks: Interview with WA. Technology’s Tim Scoffham

iGaming Talks: Interview with WA. Technology’s Tim Scoffham

This week, TheGamblest is sharing with you a new edition of iGaming Talks featuring Tim Scoffham, the CEO of WA.Technology.

In this interview, Tim will delve into the company’s history, its current position in the industry, and what distinguishes it from the competition. He will also discuss the most demanded products and services, the major goals for this year, and much more.

TheGamblest: Tim, as the CEO of WA.Technology, can you elaborate on the company’s current position in the industry and what exactly sets it apart?

Tim: WA.Technology has established a strong foothold in the Latin American market, focusing on Brazil and expanding across Mexico, Peru, and other regions. We also have a strong base in Africa and other global markets. Much of our success is due to our extensive partnerships with market experts and the localisation of our full spectrum of platform solutions, which ensures that we meet each client’s unique needs. We tailor everything we do per client, per market, and per product. 

All providers tailor to some extent, but we felt product tailoring alone wasn’t enough. The success of any outstanding B2B iGaming team is its people. From the off, we sought to build a team of competent and esteemed experts in their field who’ve worked substantially in the industry. That’s true for our internal team and our external collaborations. Our internal team includes acclaimed professionals like Axel Antillon – our Regional Director of Latam – and Waldir Marques – our Director of Regulatory Affairs. Waldir is the highly respected former CEO of CAIXA Loterias S.A. and the current President of Aigaming. The decision to prioritise experience proves how dedicated we are to working with the best, benefitting from valuable local insights and regulatory knowledge, and enhancing the company’s ability to deliver expertly tailored global solutions.

TheGamblest: Can you briefly introduce the company’s main and most demanded products and services?

Tim: Our flagship product is WA.Platform, it’s our most-demanded product. WA.Sports and WA.Casino are also top-rated, and there is an increasing interest in WA.Fantasy and WA.Lottery. We have a superb team behind WA.Platform, and it shows in its stand-out features. We designed WA.Platform for peak customisation and efficiency. The team is constantly working on up-levelling its features, making it bigger and better each time. WA.Platform’s superior BI tools and analytics, AI-driven adaptability and security protocols provide operators with a first-class platform to rival any big-name competitor. 

WA.Sports stands out for its extensive sports coverage and a vast variety of betting options on hundreds of thousands of pre-match and live global sports events. Features such as live betting, various cash-out options, bet builder, and more make it a go-to sportsbook solution. It’s one of the main reasons we’re behind so many new sportsbooks in Brazil. 

The last of our top three products is WA.Casino. It has everything an online casino needs to succeed due to its award-winning aggregation of over 6,800 games, BI tools, AI adaptability, and intelligent bonus engine. We design all our products to meet diverse market needs for enhanced player acquisition, engagement, and retention.

TheGamblest: We are already in the Q3 of this year. What big goals do you have for the rest of 2024, and how do you plan to achieve those?

Tim: For the rest of 2024, our primary goals include expanding and refining one of our newest products, WA.Affiliates. We’re also increasing our African footprint with WA.Africa, our specialist omnichannel platform. Likewise, we aim to grow our global client base, with new launches planned in places like New Zealand and continue our Latam growth. The team’s continuous dedication, strategic partnerships, and commitment to providing top-tier products and services will achieve these goals.

TheGamblest: Can you tell us more about the core achievements in WA.Technology’s development path and how the company upgraded during the last years?

Tim: Over the past year or so, WA.Technology has significantly upgraded all its solutions and products, particularly WA.Platform. We never stop striving for betterness. WA.Fantasy has introduced engaging features like Daily Fantasy Sports pools and Free-to-Play Predictor Games, while WA.Lottery has expanded its offerings and added options such as online scratch cards and instant win games, significantly enhancing player interaction and revenue potential for operators.

As the company grows, we have secured many new global clients and launched specialist products like WA.Africa and WA.Affiliates – both of which are gaining increasing interest. WA.Technology has also received industry recognition, such as winning the ‘Best Aggregator’ award at the SiGMA Eurasia Awards and membership in professional bodies like AIEJA in Mexico. Acknowledgement by our respected peers demonstrates how far we have come in such a short time. That’s a collective effort by the whole team.

TheGamblest: What makes a successful partnership, and what are some of the most crucial factors you look for when choosing your partner?

Tim: Successful partnerships at WA.Technology are built on experience and local knowledge. The company values collaborators who bring substantial expertise and regional insights, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, bespoke products. When it comes to clients, WA.Technology is committed to working together in a mutually beneficial relationship with clients who are driven and enthusiastic about iGaming excellence. Most of all, we look for people as passionate about iGaming as we are!