iGaming Talks: Interview with Sportingtech’s Dan Stone

iGaming Talks: Interview with Sportingtech’s Dan Stone

TheGamblest‘s another edition of iGaming Talks features Dan Stone from Sportingtech.

The Marketing Director talks about the company’s future, marketing innovative strategies that are used in iGaming today, as well as the main points that lead Sportingtech to sign successful partnerships with B2B or B2C companies. Dan also shares the company’s plans for expanding in Latin America and talks about the main goals concerning the upcoming Copa Libertadores and Brazilian Serie A.

TheGamblest: How does Sportingtech plan to strategically leverage its presence in Latin America, particularly in key markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, to drive growth?

Dan: Sportingtech has been present in LatAm for many years, conducting market research in all four of these markets. As a result, we have gained valuable insights into the needs of each of them and understand what makes them unique. Every country has different requirements in terms of product, customer preferences and regulation. Our robust products and services continue to be adapted and fine-tuned to help us maintain our position as the leading turnkey solution provider in the region.

TheGamblest: How do you envision the company’s superior capabilities in localisation benefiting operators, particularly in enhancing their market relevance and competitiveness?

Dan: Localisation is a vital way to stay ahead of the competition, for both suppliers and operators. We have deployed a flexible, modular solution that enables us to adapt quickly to changing demands. Our ability to fit varied market requirements means we are able to enter any market quickly and efficiently. We also have the insider knowledge with boots on the ground, and the versatility to pivot when needed, to ensure our services are always leading the way in LatAm.

In anticipation of the major sporting year ahead, we have also added Brazil Serie A, Copa America and Copa Brasil stats to our enhanced Bet Builder, which will empower our operator partners to deliver a competitive product that really resonates with customers.

TheGamblest: Dan, can you share with us how do you foresee the company’s strategy adapting to meet the demand for fast and authentic data from stadia and scout networks, particularly in facilitating the growth of live events for in-play betting, in contrast to traditional data scraping methods?

Dan: Without wanting to sound boastful, we’re already there. We offer official sports data that is delivered from stadia in under two seconds via an extensive network of scouts across more than 500,000 live events and over 600,000 pre-match events per year. We use multiple best-in-class data providers to supply data at market-leading speeds.

TheGamblest: Sportingtech’s team provides the expertise, with extensive B2C experience on top of B2B, how do you plan to keep that level of proficiency?

Dan: For us, proficiency is important but so is character. Our team is made up of people who don’t like to sit still and who care about doing what is best for our customers. When it comes to recruitment, we are very selective and look after our people. We are all working towards a common goal. Having B2C experience amongst our team is one of our greatest strengths as it means we have first-hand insight into our customers’ pain points and future goals. 

TheGamblest: Copa Libertadores and Brazilian Serie A are kicking off, what are Sportingtech’s main goals concerning this?

Dan: Last year, our Brazil Serie A Bet Builder saw 10,000 bets placed during each match and we achieved fantastic engagement. We have continued to develop the best products and deliver on our promise of taking a client-centric approach. As a result, we hope to see further growth and see customers continue to enjoy placing bets on their favourites tournaments and leagues.

TheGamblest: As a marketing specialist with a huge experience of 17 years, Dan, what innovative marketing strategies is your team exploring to effectively target and engage with diverse demographics within the competitive landscape of the iGaming industry?

Dan: It is a competitive landscape, so forgive us for not divulging too many secrets. What we will say is that our people are a key strength and utilising their expertise helps to demonstrate why operators trust us. We love going to events because they offer the perfect opportunity to connect with our industry face-to-face and establish strong connections. Additionally, LatAm is our target market, and we appreciate that it isn’t just a single region, but a collective of unique countries with distinct markets. We treat each audience appropriately, appealing to their individual needs and taking a consultative approach. 

TheGamblest: In your opinion, what are the essential components that contribute to the success of a partnership Sportingtech can sign?

Dan: We have put in the groundwork over a long time to build our outstanding reputation in LatAm and this is all down to our knowledgeable team. Our local expertise is a key differentiator for us. We understand our customer base within each jurisdiction and our customisable solutions enable us to create successful ongoing partnerships. We nurture those partnerships, listening to our clients’ aims, objectives and challenges, before finding a way to reach their end goal. We have developed a long-standing reputation in the region for supplying a bespoke service that continually delivers to the highest standard.

TheGamblest: Dan, what led you to pursue a career in iGaming? Additionally, could you share some insights into what drives and inspires you beyond your professional endeavours?

Dan: I have worked in a number of industries, but iGaming is definitely the one for me. I worked in events for many years when I was given the opportunity to work on ICE. I couldn’t say no and that cemented my passion for the industry and its people, who make it so enjoyable. When I had the chance to transition to the supplier side, I jumped at it and haven’t looked back. My inspiration beyond work is my children. My kids drive me and there is certainly never a dull day. I think we can all learn a bit from our children’s unique perspectives. 

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