iGpixel: Ultimate Gambling Software Supplier

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iGpixel: Ultimate Gambling Software Supplier

Having meticulously crafted a time-tested and experientially refined iGaming solution, iGpixel currently stands as a premier provider of comprehensive gambling platforms, offering an extensive array of products, services, and tools tailored to enhance the landscape of the betting industry.

The evolving iGaming landscape has presented notable shifts, introducing fresh challenges and hurdles. In response, iGpixel stands ready with cutting-edge solutions, leveraging advanced data processing and artificial intelligence technologies to address these complexities effectively.

Sports Betting 

The rise or downfall of an operator within this dynamic environment is mostly dependent on the comprehensive functionality offered by the iGaming software provider.  This underscores the need for ongoing updates to align with the ever-evolving technological landscape. iGpixel Sportsbook, along with its accompanying products and services, represents a clear-cut and state-of-the-art solution, ensuring that operators remain abreast of these developments for enduring success.

iGpixel team of top-notch professionals is committed to be on line with the ever-changing technological advance and contemporary solutions to iGaming industry and modes of business. The emerging iGpixel Sportsbook Software, crafted by these top-notch professionals, delivers a distinct advantage to both operators and players.

iGpixel’s Sportsbook software not only presents state-of-the-art functionalities but also undergoes ongoing enhancements. These essential features bolster the Sportsbook’s ability to handle heightened traffic, ensure customer loyalty, and maintain long-term profitability. iGpixel’s team’s commitment to technological excellence ensures that their Sportsbook software remains at the forefront of innovation, fostering a smooth and competitive environment for both operators and players. Below, we provide an overview of the functionalities that iGpixel customers leverage to stay ahead in the market.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Extensive Sports Coverage: Stay ahead of the game with a wide array of sports events, leagues, tournaments, and championships to bet on.
  • Versatile Betting Slip and Bet Builder: Enjoy flexibility with single and multiple bets, combo bets, and customizable cash-out options. Our Bet Builder feature allows you to create personalized betting slips with ease. Another noteworthy feature of the iGpixel Sportsbook software is the option to split earned bonuses and allocate them to different markets. Additionally, the software facilitates parlays, an enticing form of combo bet that yields returns even if not all legs of a multiple bet succeed.
  • Live Streaming and Match Tracker: Elevate your sportsbook experience with our live streaming feature, providing round-the-clock access to live sports events for a competitive edge.  Immerse yourself in live matches with our exclusive Live Match Tracker, offering real-time statistics, on-pitch animations, and live streams for enhanced engagement.
  • Advanced Analytics and Statistics: Gain access to detailed data, trends, and insights to make informed betting decisions, tailored to your preferences.
    The iGpixel iGaming platform offers a customized dashboard equipped with in-depth data, frequently accessed tools, the ability to set event reminders, varied event filters, trend tracking over time, and comprehensive details on preferred events, matches, and teams. This inclusive feature set covers aspects like injuries, wins, losses, team matchups, fostering a detailed betting history that visually prompts continued engagement.
  • Robust Backend and Administrative Panel: Empower operators with complete control over the betting process, including user management, a very meticulous and categorized segmentation of players, content control, and risk management tools.
  • Diverse Payment Options: Experience seamless deposits and withdrawals with a wide range of payment methods, including fiat, cryptocurrencies, and mobile money integration. iGpixel platform can also be used solely on cryptocurrency as a feature aimed for future perspective. 
  • Attractive Reward System: Enhance player loyalty and engagement with generous bonuses, rewards, and incentives tailored to their preferences. iGpixel sportsbook software provides a generous bunch of bonus wheels, gifts, credits, and points to cater to players’ needs, enhancing their long-term experience on the platform.


Discover the ultimate solution for operators with iGpixel cutting-edge Casino and Online Casino platforms. Seamlessly integrate a plethora of thrilling games, including slots, Skill Games, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Crash Games, and P2P Games, sourced from top industry providers. Elevate player excitement and drive increased traffic and revenue for operators.

With iGpixel’s Casino Platform, enjoy integration and support for over 10,000 games, with the library continuously updated to ensure a dynamic gaming experience. Elevate your betting website’s GGR across all markets with iGpixel’s innovative solutions.

Casino Telegram Bot

iGpixel team introduces the Telegram Bot – a revolutionary twist to enter the exciting realm of mobile gambling. This innovative solution is seamlessly integrated into the popular Telegram mobile application. Crafted with precision, it caters to a previously overlooked segments of players. With Telegram Casino Bot, users experience gaming like never before, right at their fingertips.

Clearly realizing how vast and multi-faceted the gambling sphere is, iGpixel offers numerous services to facilitate the betting industry of the operators and exhibits an individual, flexible approach to the operators. 

  • API Integration:
    In times of high pressure, your developers may find themselves short on time to seamlessly integrate new software and enhance the system’s capabilities. iGpixel technical team provides API integration through a range of methods (including single and separate integration, as well as iFrame) to incorporate diverse features into the platform or refine existing ones.
  • Risk Management Service:
    The risk management team at iGpixel empowers you with comprehensive control over betting operations, providing innovative solutions for responsible gaming and anti-fraud measures. Top-notch experts thoroughly monitor multi-accounts, transaction rates, and players exhibiting risky behavior, categorizing them according to a predefined algorithm to ensure fair play and security. All the operations are based on AI-driven data. 
  • Design Services: 
    iGpixel provides a comprehensive design service aimed at attracting new customers and streamlining the operation of your betting website, ultimately boosting revenue. Our offerings encompass online betting and gaming website design, logo creation, branding, graphic design, dynamic animations, and other visually appealing elements, all geared towards maximizing your returns.

In the contemporary gambling market, iGpixel emerges as the ultimate gambling software supplier, offering a sophisticated suite of solutions to elevate the industry. From cutting-edge Sportsbook software to dynamic Casino platforms and innovative Telegram bot integration, iGpixel redefines the standards of excellence. With tailored services like API integration, risk management, and comprehensive design support, the supplier ensures operators thrive in the competitive market, setting new benchmarks for success.

iGpixel, a leading iGaming software provider, offers cutting-edge solutions tailored for online gambling and betting businesses. Its suite includes Turnkey and White Label solutions. The company ensur...