iGP’s COO reveals long-term strategic vision

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iGP’s COO reveals long-term strategic vision

iGaming Platform (iGP), a wellknown company specializing in iGaming solutions, has announced its future strategic direction and introduced the prominent individuals comprising its newly formed senior leadership team, marking the culmination of a recent rebranding motives.

Under the guidance of Matthew Calascione, COO, iGP has undergone notable transformations over the past year. During this period, Calascione spearheaded the adoption of strategic ideation, a pivotal factor in propelling innovation, attaining a competitive edge, and cultivating expansion.

Calascione’s strategic vision has been shaped by his extensive experience, including his tenure at his family office and his role at Crane Currency, a reputable American banknote producer. Throughout five years, he held positions as the Director of Strategic Projects and the Director of Contract & Supply Management.

Drawing from this background, he possesses a profound comprehension of the significance of trust in online products and services. He understands that successful brands must prioritize a customercentric approach, place paramount importance on ensuring a secure digital experience, and remain vigilant in keeping abreast of regulatory developments. These factors are crucial for thriving in today’s technologydriven business environment.

iGP is set to embrace a datadriven approach, placing significant emphasis on a cohesive win strategy, efficient communication, and robust data capture. By leveraging these practices, the company aims to enhance decisionmaking and cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement. This approach has proven instrumental in garnering support from stakeholders and fostering a shared sense of purpose aligned with the company’s overarching objectives.

Reaffirming this new strategic direction, Matthew Calascione, COO at iGP, mentioned:

Building a highly experienced leadership team within a constrained timeframe presented its challenges. However, leveraging industry movements, we seized the opportunity to attract exceptional talent. Each new member joining our team brings a remarkable blend of skills, expertise, and unique perspectives that greatly contribute to our collective success. We are committed to conducting a comprehensive evaluation of every aspect of our business, continuously making better our procedures to eliminate any ambiguity about our expectations. Confidently, I assert that we are currently the industry’s bestkept secret, possessing an incredible opportunity to showcase our identity and capabilities to the world. We stand poised to demonstrate our true potential and make an indelible mark in the industry.

Furthermore, iGP’s newly assembled senior leadership team comprises esteemed industry professionals, including Magdalena Broda, who assumes the role of Managed Services Director, and Luka Markota, who takes on the position of Operations Director. Their inclusion further bolsters the company’s expertise and strengthens its ability to deliver exceptional results.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Malta, iGaming Platform has achieved fast development and remarkable milestones. This includes the launch of over 40 operators, collaborations with more than a hun...