IGT expands iLottery in Lithuania with RGS and eInstant games

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IGT expands iLottery in Lithuania with RGS and eInstant games

The organisation in charge of managing lotteries the Republic of Lithuania, Euloto, started a partnership deal with IGT.

According to the partnership terms, IGT will implement its cutting-edge cloudbased remote game server (RGS) and provide 12 eInstant titles annually.

Mantas Lebedžinskas, Euloto’s Director mentioned:

The extensive content collection from such a prominent company as IGT will enhance our iLottery offerings, introducing thrilling new practices to customers. Utilizing IGT’s RGS will help us bring contemporary, top-notch services to our players, while also equipping us with the flexibility and dependable infrastructure necessary for fostering the development of our company.

Srini Nedunuri, IGT Senior VP of Global iLottery, stated:

By integrating IGT’s RGS, Euloto will significantly diminish the necessity for substantial iLottery system overhauls in the upcoming years, as the cloud system remains continuously updated. This cutting-edge tech empowers the lottery to swiftly select their preferred eInstant gaming content from our extensive collection of captivating game concepts and overall gameplay styles, ensuring an agile and adaptable approach to enriching the user practice.

In a strategic move, IGT will seamlessly involve its RGS platform into Euloto’s iLottery system, granting the company availability to a diverse range of eInstant games, that features a huge diapason of themes, gameplay, products, adored licenced material, and lauded progressive jackpot gaming content.


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