IGT extends California Lottery partnership for 7 years

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IGT extends California Lottery partnership for 7 years

IGT will be powering the California Lottery for an additional seven years.

Through this extension, the development firm will maintain its position as the primary backend solutions provider for the California Lottery till late 2033, continuing its partnership with the second-biggest lottery operator in the United States for an additional seven years.

This extension will involve the enhancement of the operator’s current IGT-powered backend platform, which will start utilizing the developer’s cloud-based solutions. IGT will utilize its OMNIA lottery offering, through which several of the California Lottery’s core systems and applications will be moved to the cloud as well.

The move to cloud-based solutions will provide the lottery firm with increased reliability and flexibility, enabling the California Lottery to deliver a set of enhanced experiences to its expansive user base.

The COO of IGT’s worldwide lottery offerings, Jay Gendron, commented:

“We have worked with the California Lottery for over three decades, throughout which we have delivered top-notch lottery solutions to our partner and have helped them generate over 41 billion dollars to support various projects in the state. Our leading platform offering will enable the California Lottery to continue offering leading experiences to its players, along with exciting bonuses and promotions.”

Moreover, IGT will also continue providing the California Lottery with a variety of maintenance and support solutions, which will include coverage of the operator’s portfolio of over 140 thousand terminals across more than 23 thousand locations throughout the state.


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