IGT to settle a class suit for 270 million dollars

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IGT to settle a class suit for 270 million dollars

2017’s Benson – DDI lawsuit will be settled for 415 million dollars, of which IGT will contribute 270 million.

The multinational gaming conglomerate IGT has recently announced that they will be settling the infamous Benson – DDI class-action suit in the United States by paying nearly 270 million dollars. The lawsuit had originated from the company’s former subsidiary DoubleDown.

The Benson – DDI case was first brought to light way back in 2017 by the firm’s consumers, not long after the parent organization sold DoubleDown for over 800 million dollars.

DDI’s former customers cited illegal gambling practices, mainly in the form of play tokens, as the reason for the lawsuit. As a result of the settlement, IGT will be paying close to 270 million dollars, while DDI will be contributing a further 145 million. The total sum will amount to 415 million dollars once the court grants the companies their approval.


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