Indonesia sets up inter-ministerial task force to combat online gambling

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Indonesia sets up inter-ministerial task force to combat online gambling

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo) has unveiled its strategy to tackle the issue of online gambling, a practice that remains strictly prohibited across the nation.

According to reports from local media outlet Bernama, Kominfo announced the formation of a dedicated task force composed of representatives from various government bodies, including the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (PPATK), and the police.

This task force will collaborate with Interpol to address cross-border cases, aiming to counter the challenges posed by foreign operators, which have previously evaded government measures.

Usman Kansong, the Ministry’s Information and Public Communications Director, outlined the roles within the task force, stating:

Kominfo will monitor the digital sphere, OJK will oversee financial transactions, PPATK will manage fund flows, and the police will execute arrest and investigation operations.

Minister Budi Arie emphasized the Ministry’s comprehensive approach, stating:

We have also cautioned all social media platforms, mobile operators, and internet service providers against facilitating any form of online gambling promotion. Kominfo has exhausted its authority in this matter. We, from the Ministry of Communication and Information, are resolute. Earlier this week, I convened all our teams at Kominfo to collaborate in our efforts to eradicate online gambling.

This initiative marks Indonesia’s latest endeavor to combat online gambling, reminiscent of its 2012 campaign targeting the Euro 2012 football championship, citing concerns over substantial local gambling activities.