“They missed being part of the first chapter of a long story still to be written” – Levon Nikoghosyan iGaming Club & AffPapa CEO

“They missed being part of the first chapter of a long story still to be written” – Levon Nikoghosyan iGaming Club & AffPapa CEO

TheGamblest is hosting an exclusive iGaming Talks this week, featuring Levon Nikoghosyan, the CEO of AffPapa and iGaming Club.

In this edition, Levon will discuss the iGaming Club Conference in Malaga, the first stand-alone event that received high praise from attendees. He will cover the main challenges faced during the planning and execution of the conference, key innovations highlighted at the event, and upcoming events scheduled for this year.

TheGamblest: iGaming Club Conference in Malaga was the first stand-alone event, which was highly appreciated among the attendees, Levon, did it meet your own expectations too?

Levon: The iGaming Club Conference in Malaga was a significant milestone for us as it marked our inaugural standalone conference organized entirely by our team, which brought about a heightened sense of complexity and excitement. The outcomes far surpassed our initial expectations and forecasts, leaving us pleasantly surprised and inspired for future plans.

TheGamblest: Can you tell what challenges you encountered while planning and executing the conference? Do you anticipate holding it again next year at the same place and time?

Levon: The biggest challenge lies in organizing an event in a new location for the first time. There are numerous gaps and uncertainties, ranging from the unpredictability of the number of participants to weather conditions, transportation logistics, and accessibility concerns. Each of these factors adds a layer of complexity to the planning process. Despite these challenges, we are determined not only to host the event again next year but also to significantly expand it. We plan to triple the size of the venue, incorporating larger booth zones, speed-dating areas, and conference zones, among other enhancements. This ambitious expansion reflects our commitment to providing an even more dynamic and comprehensive experience for all attendees.

TheGamblest: For those who couldn’t attend the conference in Malaga this year, what do you think they missed out on the most?

Levon: For those who couldn’t attend the conference in Malaga this year, they missed being part of the first chapter of a long story still to be written. This inaugural event set the stage for a recurrent conference which will bring together key figures and prominent players from the iGaming industry even closer.. All of the iGaming Club events are committed to bring to the table valuable information and insights given by industry experts and professionals. 

TheGamblest: Could you share some detailed feedback you received from participants about the event, and how it reflected on their overall experience?

Levon: Nearly a month has passed since our first conference in Malaga. Participants provided valuable feedback, highlighting areas such as separating registration lines, setting up a larger speaker zone and ensuring water and glasses are refreshed after each panel discussion. They also requested breaks between panels. Many felt that one day was insufficient to meet all potential leads and partners, suggesting a two-day event. 

Overall, the attendees had positive feelings about the event. They found the conference highly informative and well-organized, especially for a first-time standalone event.

We are grateful to all delegates who traveled to attend our conference. Your feedback is invaluable, helping us improve and come back stronger next year. 

TheGamblest: Levon, what were some of the key innovations discussed at the iGaming Club Conference in Malaga that set it apart from other industry events?

Levon: At the iGaming Club Conference in Malaga, many key innovations were discussed that set it apart from other industry events, and I can separate a few of the most important ones: Affiliates in the US Market, where experts explored the regulatory complexities, competition, and payment processing challenges in North America, sharing strategies to thrive in this lucrative market. AI in iGaming, the transformative power of AI in marketing was highlighted, demonstrating how AI can optimize campaigns, personalize experiences, and streamline operations. Successful Partnerships, best practices for building strong partnerships between affiliates and operators were discussed, emphasizing effective collaboration and mutual benefits. Revenue Growth Through Player Interaction, innovative approaches to boost revenue through enhanced player interaction and protection were explored, balancing growth with responsible gaming practices. As well as SEO Trends for 2024, the latest SEO strategies and upcoming trends were discussed, providing insights on optimizing digital presence and adapting to algorithm changes. Due to running around and dealing with organizational questions, unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to be present at all of those amazing panels which I deeply regret.

TheGamblest: The next event by iGaming Club is scheduled on 16th July in Amsterdam, can you share some insights and tell us more about other event plans scheduled for 2024?

Levon: Scheduled for July 16, 2024, the iGaming Club returns to Amsterdam, bringing together affiliates, operators, and B2B providers for enriching discussions and networking opportunities all in one venue. Our club members can certify my words. There is not much to say, we just pay attention to the right balance of our guests which in the end results in having the perfect atmosphere for doing business and enjoying the evening. Recently, we have also announced another iGaming Club event in Lisbon for the first time, scheduled for September 23. Those who are interested in our events can get more information on our official website

TheGamblest: We’ve discovered that 2024 is going to be a busy year, and we anticipate that 2025 will also be packed with iGaming Club events. What are your current plans for the upcoming year?

Levon: 2025 will be very busy, intense and full of surprises. We will expand the size of our flagship conference venue in order to keep up with the demand. iGC Malaga will be conducted at the end of May, which gives us a tremendous opportunity to plan 2 more conferences later on during the year, conquering new continents! Updates will be coming soon.

TheGamblest: As a live example of an established iGaming startup company with many accomplishments, Levon, what do you believe is the secret to creating a successful team?

Levon: I guess the secret of any successful company derives from the good people working in that company. This is obviously true about all the industries, not necessarily iGaming. Other than the vision and the end goal towards which the CEO should lead and direct the team, I think the most important and crucial skill of a leader should be selecting the right employees who then become the driving force of the company..