iTech Labs to appoint Alvin Rizaldi as the new CEO

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iTech Labs to appoint Alvin Rizaldi as the new CEO

Alvin Rizaldi has taken over as iTech Labs‘ new CEO, replacing Kiren Sreekumar, who stepped down.

Sreekumar is the founder of iTech Labs, and after a long 19-year management he has chosen to step down from his role as CEO.

A spokesman at iTech Labs stated:

Given his firsthand understanding of iTech Labs’ activities, a time-tested track record of management, and an unwavering dedication to the company’s success, Rizaldi is well-prepared to guide the company while recording many achievements.

Alvin Rizaldi, Chief Executive at iTechLabs, mentioned:

I want to express our team’s heartfelt gratitude to Kiren for his one-of-a-kind management, unwavering guidance, and devotion throughout the past two decades. As iTech Labs embarks on a thrilling new level, it is an honor for me to take the reins of this outstanding organization. With our exceptional team and the collective support of everyone, we are genuinely elated about iTech Labs’ forthcoming voyage toward triumph.

Rizaldi first joined the organization back in 2007, starting as a senior consultant and project manager. After many years, he climbed the ranks and assumed the position of CCO in April 2019, maintaining this role to date. Furthermore, he also holds a directorship within the company.