Kalamba Games hires Marie Claire Aquilina as financial lead

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Kalamba Games hires Marie Claire Aquilina as financial lead

Marie Claire Aquilina is going to be Kalamba Games’s latest financial director.

The latest appointment of Marie Claire Aquilina comes amidst a time of rapid growth for the company. The new appointee will bring a lot of skill, knowledge and expertise, as she has worked in similarly high ranking roles at other prominent businesses in the industry, such as Relax Gaming.

In her latest position, Marie will help the company with its commercial strategies and goals through developing efficient financial plans. Additionally, she will be instrumental in this time of rapid growth for the company, helping it expand further.

Our latest appointee, Marie Claire Aquilina, is joining us at quite an important time for our company’s growth, as we have been experiencing unprecedented amounts of it in the recent months. Additionally, she will bring a lot of industry expertise and knowledge with her, further helping us in our expansion strategy.

stated the chief commercial officer of Kalamba Games, Andrew Crosby.

I am quite excited to have the opportunity to join Kalamba Games and their professional team. They are continuously working towards expanding their business to new heights, and it is an honor to be a part of that process. Moreover, joining a firm that is expanding this quickly poses its own unique challenges, which I am looking forward to tackling in my new position.

remarked the new appointee in the financial director position, Marie Claire Aquilina.

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