Kindred finalizes details for upcoming AGM in 2023

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Kindred finalizes details for upcoming AGM in 2023

The firm’s nomination committee has finalized a couple of details for Kindred’s annual general meeting scheduled to take place in April.

The first detail the committee has decided on is the number of directors on the board. There will be 9 total members, none of which will be deputy members. This decision will stand until the general meeting in 2024.

Next up, 4 of the board’s current members have been re-elected, namely Evert Carlsson, Carl-Magnus Mansson, James Gemmel and Heidi Skogster. The other five members, on the other hand, are newly elected and new to the board. The members will not change till April of 2024.

Lastly, the committee has also re-elected the board’s chair, Evert Carlsson.

We felt that our proposed changes to the board of directors are significant enough to warrant this disclosure before the 2023 annual general meeting. Our proposed candidates will bring a wealth of experience to the board and will diversify its skill set. Furthermore, Cedric Boireau and James Gemmel represent nearly 20% ownership of the company, adding significant stakeholder representation to our board.

stated the chairman of the nomination committee of Kindred, Keith Meister.